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Your inner dialogue, what the best and what's the worst you dish yourself?

Asked by Neizvestnaya (22642points) August 21st, 2010

I keep re reading @TheOnlyNeffie’s post and trying to figure out if my inner dialogue is more positive (as I assume) or if the sneaky negative stuff is weighing more than I want. Hmmn…

I’d say my best is telling myself that no matter what I go through that I always come out still wanting and still believing I can have good things. The worst is when I feel letdown and then say I have no faith in anyone and end up wanting more than ever for them to prove me wrong.

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My inner dialogue is like the narration of a 40’s pulp action comic.

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If I’m alone, it’s not simply an inner dialogue… I will talk to myself (not only when I’m shut up in a room alone or if the house is vacant – I have been known to walk around with headphones on campus while holding a one-sided conversation. Am I the only one who does this? I can’t be that odd.)

If I think I’m being an idiot, I call myself out on it. If I need a pep talk and no one is around to do it, I’ll do it. At times I berate myself quite thoroughly and other times I lift myself into an untouchable high in which I become Superman.

The worst? I actually feel uncomfortable writing about it as I’m still coming out of a summer-long depression in which I was my own worst enemy. I’m better now at least.

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I’m not sure that I have a best. My revelation today is that I am downright cruel to myself. Kind of sad. :\

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I never put myself down, ever!

Negative self talk burns into your subconscious and manifests as reality.

You do become, experience, what you think about the most.

Do not put yourself down, do not put others down and do not allow others to put you down.

Everytime you become aware of a negative self thoguht catch it and say ‘CANCEL’..and replace it with a positive thought.

You are re-programming your brain!

You DO create your own reality!

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I don’t think the sort of inner dialogue I have is that sort of dialogue. Mostly it seems to be just imaginary conversations with people who aren’t there. If I have something important coming up I find myself “rehearsing” what I’m going to say. But I don’t really do pep-talks or negative talk to myself.

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“I bet she shags like a minx! How do I tell them that becuase of the unfreezing process I’ve lost my inner monologue?”

“I hope I didn’t say that out loud just now.”

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I am pretty hard on myself but I believe that because I was given more, I must give more back.

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