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What do teens want?

Asked by Calstatic (60points) August 21st, 2010

I’m part of a youth committee in stockton that plans events to benefit the teens in our community, what kinds of events could we plan in reasonable time and would cater too teens? (this commitee is made up of high schoolers)

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<—- That teen wants a scooter she never got when she was eight.

Paintball and Skating are the only things I can think of.

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Why don’t you ask them?

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<—- This teen enjoys bonfires. And food. And air hockey. And being asked what I like. You could maybe send out a survey with, say, 8 options (like a dance, a bonfire, a concert, a play, those type of things), and they could tell you.

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Laser tag! It’s so much fun, and it really gets a group of kids to interact with each other.

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If you’re in Stockton, CA, this is a good place to go.
I went there with a group of kids when I was in hs.

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same thing the rest of us want…happiness!

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When I was a teen, I wanted LAN parties. And still do.

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You know what I want… lol. But in all honesty, a bonfire on the Delta really isn’t that bad of an idea, but you’d only be able to hook a significant amount of people if there were booze involved.

It’s a pity that our community of teenagers really lack any desire to be involved with anyone outside their cliche, or are just simply too lazy to turn their attention away from their xboxes and what not.

try a pool party perhaps, that may catch some.

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Weed, condoms, and camping.

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To be adults and not a teen anymore. Which is funny because most adults want to be a teen again.

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Paintball and laser tag are excellent options as they appeal to many different types of people. Other options are bowling, mini-golf and cinema trips. Basically anything that can be enjoyed by most and will also help teenagers bond regardless of otherwise present differences.

@Lightlyseared We always want what we can’t have eh? :)

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Semi formal dances! :)
And game nights

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@the100thmonkey is exactly right—ask them.Why don’t you hold an informal focus test in which you invite 10–12 teens and discuss it with them. Getting ideas from the teens themselves and being able claim that could be most helpful in your endeavor.

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im surprised there are lots of people recommending paintball. I’ve been a couple times, but it was only fun until I got shot. It’s really painful sometimes, and even though I was wearing a lot of protection, I still have scars in some places that have been there for almost 4 years.

I would only recommend paintball if you have tough teenagers. I couldn’t see girly girls liking it very much.

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Paintball alternative – lasertag

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Most teenagers want to be taken seriously by their parents and,not just brushed off as too young to understand anything.To be able to make some of their own decisions within,reason.Also,to be able to feel they have the ability to have their own identity within the security of their family.Parent’s can still only give an inch at a time until the teenager proves he/she can be trusted with small space and then increase freedom accordingly or they will still take a mile and run with it!Teenagers don’t want total freedom,they want and nee bounderies.They also don’t want you to be buddies with them freinds,yes but they have their “own“buddies whom they talk about their dreams and hopes.And yes,they do like paint-ball etc..But what they truly need is you to be assessible to them and truly know in their hearts that you care about them,on matter how hard they pretend to not care!

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@Jellybean9 read the whole question

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Sorry.Only read first part.They also like swimming and getting away from rules and regulations.Which include parents and school.Usually as far away as possible which includes rock concerts,hooking-up,alcohol and any drugs they can get their hands on.Alot of cell phone and texting,not all however,many.

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