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What do you do if the mods "Jimmy Hoffa" your question?

Asked by mowens (8392points) August 21st, 2010

I asked a few questions that I think did not meet the morality standards of Fluther. Nothing too vulgar… just questions intended for humor and to spark the creative center of people’s minds. I have been modded, asked to correct it, I reword my question, and it does not get pushed back to me for further editing. My question is not Jimmy Hoffa! It has rights. The grammar was correct. Oddly enough, every time this happens it is a question about excrement.

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It may be worth noting that, as a species, Man has always been better off when he disposed of his excrement instead of talking about it.

Just sayin’.

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Everything in life, including excrement, should be talked about, studied, and joked about. Nothing is off limits. Without humor, man is a syncope.

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Give it a second flush, for those particularly obstinate stools :¬)

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Your question was moderated because it was too vague. You resubmitted it for approval and a mod hasn’t looked at it yet because they are eating lunch or just at this moment not around. It will be returned to you or posted soon, I’m sure.

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@mowens I disagree; there is always room for solemnity, reverence, and good taste.

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It was my humorous way of asking to see if there is a way to look at the status of questions being edited? I meant no disrespect, but I try to add humor to any situation. :)

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If I found that my questions routinely failed to satisfy fluther guidelines, I would question whether there was a good match between me and the site.

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Poop happens.

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Put on your big-boy pants and stop talking shit.

Surely you have more to offer us.

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@mowens The only way to really find out the status is to ask the mods. You can contact them through the contact button at the top or their profile.

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I’m still waiting for my version of this question to come back to me for editing.

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Here’s your question.

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Bravo, @Nullo. Couldn’t agree more. Just because one can saying anything he likes doesn’t mean he has to.

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I kill a cute, defenseless puppy every time I get modded.

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Luckily for cute puppies, @kevbo isn’t modded very often.

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not anymore ;-)

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@Austinlad that reminds me of a line in star trek 6.

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Dog hides from @kevbo

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The answer is in the details of your question: I asked a few questions that I think did not meet the morality standards of Fluther. Nothing too vulgar… just questions intended for humor and to spark the creative center of people’s minds. Had you added in my opinion and actually thought about it, you’d see that the Q’s get modded because they do not meet morality standards. Morality is certainly as important as quality, which is subjective. Ask Jeruba: even grammar evolves and is not de rigeur. Mods are people, sheesh. Nuff said. ZEN OUT.

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@zen_ I think you found your new tagline.

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^ It’s old. I just don’t use it much. But as you can see, I’m not really out.

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Oh, that doesn’t matter. It’s not about the facts; it’s all about the cant. I say use it on every post. Maybe even a few times with longer posts.

Edit:: re below @zen_, yes.

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Are you still talking to me, kevbo?

Response moderated (Personal Attack)
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I just think it’s interesting that we can talk about sex and blow-jobs and cunnilingus, but we can’t talk about defecation…

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@DominicX There is nothing wrong with discussing defication. In fact there are a lot of questions on Fluther that discuss various aspects of poop from description to color and adding glitter. Ironically the question in the complaint was too vague and the clarified version was re-posted around the same time the user posted this question.

As long as it meets the guidelines and is asking an actual question pretty much anything goes as far as topics.

On another note if a person repeatedly asks questions on the same topic we will ask them to add on to a current question rather than posting a new question.

And lastly if the question is trollish, is more of a random thought than an actual question, or is clearly more of a rant or agenda we will reject it as not up to our quality standards.

Just doing a little clarifying. :)

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@DominicX: Just so long as we don’t start talking about sex, blow-jobs and cunnilingus during pooping – I’m good.

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@Dog Alright, fair enough. :)

@cprevite Blumpkin?

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I love how we can talk about poop as if it were a scientific thing. Sometimes a pile of shit is just a pile of shit!

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I must say, I do not see the attraction in the so-called blumpkin. I wouldn’t date a woman who did.

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I thought scatological humor ended in middle school

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