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What would be some impressive/funny alternative ways to play your opening scene in a western movie?

Asked by ucme (50034points) August 21st, 2010

Oh you know the score. Slowly moving past a startled community on horseback. Your every move scrutinised. Everyone ceases to go about their daily business. Transfixed by the enigmatic stranger thrust into their midst. Enough of this staid & frankly bland folly, throw off the shackles limiting your arrival to a cliche enriched parody. Hell no say I, you deserve much more than that. So, this in mind, exactly what method & by which means would you announce your presence in such a potentially hostile environment?

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What – you were expecting dpworkin maybe?

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I would hand out flowers.

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I’d begin it with a kid sitting on a barrel and he or she would pull a face and shout, loud as possibly “THIS PLACE IS BORE-ING!” hop to the floor and walk away. Then the fun stuff would happen. The child will return at the end of the film having missed it all :)

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I would come to town in a Jeep Wrangler. That would get some attention.

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I would have a rope in my hand. Someone would say, “Ropes are made for hanging . . .” Then I would start skipping rope. Then folks would come out from the bars and the sheriff’s office and would join in with their own skipping rope. While they are skipping, I would use my jump rope as a lasso and lasso something (I haven’t decided just what yet).

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a Tumbleweed going past. I guess I would use a big fan. LOL

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