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How to behave with people at a place where a terrible accident occurred last week and they may be responsible for that?

Asked by Ranimi23 (1914points) August 21st, 2010

At a place where I’m going to about 3–4 times every week, terrible accident occurred last week, someone died because of a terrible negligence. Without going into specific details about the case, I only say that this disaster happened should not happen again, the way this guy died, he electrocuted by a live wire that was near water.

The police is investigating who responsible for arranging the power so careless. The place is closed now but it will be opening again soon.

I know all the people that work there, so I do not want to blame anyone. I think it will be very hard to go back to the way things were before. I wasn’t there when it happened, but everyone is talking about it, its on the news.

It shouldn’t happen, but it did. Hard to come in again to a place where someone died becasue of a stupid people who didn’t care much :-/

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You might want to wait a while before going back.

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Until the investigation is completed and you know the facts, is it worth going back and potentially risking your life? Surely, there are other places to go to hang out.

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BTW – This place is BIG, I’m using only one thing they have, which is not the place where this accident occurred. That place is safe for me and everyone.

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Until you know all the facts do not blacklist these people/establishment.

Accidents happen, and an investigation will determine any negligence or liability.

Bear in mind that ‘negligence’ can occur without knowlege of a problem also.

It doesn’t always mean someone deliberately ignored a potential hazard.

Innocent until proven guilty, remember that!

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Just go on like nothing happened, otherwise people will be suspicious about you.

Some will still go on like it happened, but they are the ones that will put the most blame on you. People are very hypocritical, they’ll do one thing one day, and you can do the same thing the next and all of a sudden, even though they’re still doing it, will frown upon you for doing it yourself.

If people see that you’re calm about the situation, they’re less likely to come to the assumption that you did something wrong.

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My mistake…I overlooked the fact that the place is already closed. If and when it is re-opened, then it surely means it has passed inspection, and it is safe to go back.

As for the initial question about how to behave in this type of situation, it is just a matter of being respectful to those that knew this person if you didn’t. If it was a friend, then you will probably find a lot of camaraderie in those that are also grieving the loss.

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I was on my motorcycle and the car in front of me veered off the road and turned over in a ditch. I stopped and rushed to help. So did other people. I saw that no one took charge so I did. I sent a girl to call for emergency services, The woman driver was trapped in the car and gasoline was leaking on a hot engine. We cut her seat belt loose, she was able to roll down her window, we made sure that she wasn’t too injured to be moved, one of the guys was a former army medic, and gently moved her out of the car and carried to a relatively flat grassy place away from the car which was now smoldering and smoking.

I left when the emergency team showed up. Nothing to it. My normal reaction in an emergency is to take over if nobody else want to organize. If someone else wants to lead, I am prefectly willing to follow orders. I am not willing to just standby and do nothing.

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It could be that the guy was careless and didn’t follow policy and caused his own death. About all you can say is, “sorry your coworker died.” Don’t add to any gossip by speculating who caused it. The likelihood is that you will be wrong, and perhaps destroy someone’s life by assisting in the spreading of rumors. As long as the police don’t think you caused the accident, and you are not in danger of being harmed, it’s really not your business.

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The person responsible, if alive, is already getting the punishment he or she deserves. Most people at that place are innocent and going through grief themselves. So just let your empathy take precedence over the news stories.

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