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Where can i donwload windows live messenger?

Asked by poisonedantidote (21648points) August 21st, 2010

For the past week i have been trying to download windows messenger, i go to google and find several results, however, they all seems to link to a 404 dead link on the microsoft domain. i even tried using bing and nothing. is it just me?

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Here. Let me know if that works for you. I’ll keep searching if it doesn’t.

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@muppetish no, it wont work. when i click download, it links me here:

basically a dead link (at least how i see it)

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That’s bizarre because when I clicked on the link you posted just now, it downloads just fine. Could it be your web browser? Do you have any programs that are blocking the download?

I ran a quick Google search, and this link works for me as well. I cannot vouch for how safe the website is, however. I prefer to use the main source.

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@muppetish i know all about fire wall and what not, i really doubt its that. maybe its because im in spain and they insist i go to the spanish site and download a spanish version, other than that i have no idea.

EDIT: looks like its time to mess around with fake IPs and things, at least now i have confirmation that its me and not them.

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I downloaded it and zipped it up and am hosting it here. That should work.

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@johnpowell thanks, that did work, however when trying to install it, it said that you can not install it unless you are connected to the internet.

i checked my connection and discovered that since my last LAN gaming session i have had a conflict going on, where i am connected to wifi and by cable as well as connected to my other computer internally through the router, i have resolved that by disconnecting the ones im not using, and can now not only install but can download from the url that previously looked broken.

thanks all.

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