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Why are edit, tools and favorites only on my control panel page?

Asked by Aster (18947points) August 21st, 2010

On IExplorer 7, Window XP, my toolbar (Edit,
Favorites, Copy,etc) are only to be found on my Control Panel page at the top? How can I get those back on top of my “regular” screen?

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hmm, not sure i can answer that without actually seeing it, can you take a screenshot?

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@shadowofdeath how sweet of you. (-:]
Let me tell u what is on the main screen at the top L to R:
“back” arrow; address bar; an “x” , google search box.
Next row down: a Y for yahoo; a blue/green star; the fluther thing;
a little house; a box with an airplane” in it; a tiny envelope that
does nothing; a little printer; 4 “down” arrows in a row, a question mark, a down arrow. That’s it. That is the top of this stupid pc screen. NO edit, file, favorites.

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ohhhh so you dont have that file,edit, veiw, favs, tools, help?
quite simple to fix really, right click next to your tabs, and select menu bar

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@shadowofdeath thank u so much but my right click doesn’t work anymore . When I right click anywhere on the top nothing happens. )-:

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hmmm let me see if i can find an alternate way to right click.

Also whats the issue with your right click?

EDIT: on the very right do you have a button that says tools?

Another Edit: try this, if you click f10 on your keyboard that menu bar will show up, while this is up simply click View—>Toolbars—>Menu bar

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f10 does nothing at all. No; I have no “tools” on the screen anymore. I can highlight w/the right click but if that’s a copy I can’t paste it. See, I had view, edit, tools for years but something happened.

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When you are in one of these windows, try pressing and then releasing the Alt key (by itself). The menu bar should then appear, and the option to keep it there should be in View -> Toolbars -> Menu Bar, as @shadowofdeath said, but no right-clicking.

The same type of thing also works in Windows Media Player, but I forgot where it keeps the option to always show the menu. (It might be different depending on version.)

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@davidgro a very good idea the alt key does work

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@davidgro what do u mean “when u are in one of these windows?”
I’m sorry to be so stupid.

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@Aster I just mean when you are using IE (Internet Explorer) and the menu bar (File, Edit, View…) is not visible.

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No; the alt button doesn’t do a thing. What’s almost as bad is
the “Malware” sites that supposedly fix your pc won’t download and neither will Explorer 8. And when I get pictures from friends on Yahoo! (thumbnails w/ link) they are only found accidentally. Do I need a new pc and if I got one would my photos be lost?
Thank you.

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@Aster It does sound like your computer has broken Windows. If your computer came with the disk to install Windows then maybe you can try booting from that disk, re-formatting (erasing the hard drive) and then re-installing it. If you do that, be sure to save anything important (maybe onto an external drive, or burned to DVDs.)

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