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What do you want to change in your life?

Asked by Brenna_o (1776points) August 21st, 2010

If you could change one thing in your life what would it be and why?
Not an appearence/beauty thing. Something like status, money situation, house, or something to that effect.

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I would be working a little bit more and making more money.

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Hmm, I guess I wouldn’t mind more confidence. You can’t get far in life without it, employment and fun-wise.

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I would find a job.

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I would have a job in a hospital instead of at a doctor’s office. I love being a nurse, but there is such a difference between working at the doctor’s office compared to the hospital. I would much rather be at the hospital working.

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I would very much like to not be as poor as I am. whoever said money cant buy happiness has clearly never been where I am financially.

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What ^they said.

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My entire life would be better if my husband actually made what he deserves to be making.

That would be the easiest way to fixing stuff. My husband loves his work, and I love being a stay-at-home mom (not that I really have much of a choice)

Alternately, I could find both a job that paid well enough to be worth it and a free and trusted form of childcare, but I can’t suspend my disbelief long enough to even consider those things happening.

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I’d be wealthy.

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I would have someone to talk to at all hours… playing civilization 2 over and over alone gets old fast

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The only thing I might change is to have been able to figure out earlier in my life how to be as centered as I generally feel in these recent years,

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I would change my husbands health. I don’t need more than what I already have for myself. Everything else I could possibly want for myself is secondary to his health.

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My life is pretty good the way it is, but….....if I had to choose something, last week I would have won the 20Million prize in the lottery, not the $21.20 one.

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I would like to have my friends alive and well and not dead and buried.

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I want to start exercising as much as I used to.

you know, before I found fluther. It’s fluther’s fault I’m lazy.

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I want to have good enough vision to drive so I can achieve my wish of being a speech pathologist but it’s folly to hope for.

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I would like to live in a cooler climate, in a smaller house, and have an interesting part-time job whether it be practicing law or something else. I’m working on making these things happen.

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Be less lazy and procrastinate less! It’s really a pain in the @$$ to be this way. Of course i’d like to receive more income too…that’d always be a good thing.

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My boyfriend and I wouldn’t be quite so long distance.

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I’d like to be consistently happy with what is.

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