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What are Alternatives to Levis 511 jeans?

Asked by Areyounoob (3points) August 21st, 2010 from iPhone

I really want to be able to swim in the jeans, though with most skinny jeans you can.
Yes, I want to be able to find them in Canada because that is where I live. Please let them be the same price or cheaper.
I’ll be wearing them casually, but will try swimming in them.

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Are we talking swim a lot, or just if your life needs saving?

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I don’t understand why you want to swim in jeans? But the best way to find cheap jeans is to look on ebay or google them. I live in Australia and I love Ralphs but they are so expensive, I buy preworn (used) ones on ebay for a fraction of the price even including shipping!

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Do you mean literally swim? Or, do you mean that you want the jeans to be loose?

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Great question re Levis 511 and swimming. I am a lifeguard, rescue diver and shipwreck dive for fun. Levis 511, 512, 510 and 501 (STF) are all good for swimming and diving. You might want to have the 501s taper at a tailor to a 13–14 inch leg opening. Jeans will protect you from the nasties in open water – cuts, scrapes, stings. You can add a rash guard top – and you have he original Levis Diveskins! Great with dive boots and fins. Allow to dry-on for best fit. This is for intrepid swimmers and divers, people who want to hit a pool, or are on the water and need to get wet. Don’t be dissuaded by the nit wits who cry ‘you want to swim in jeans?’ Just jump in – the water is fine! Be safe.

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