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If you could ask President Obama one question what would it be?

Asked by Mom2BDec2010 (2666points) August 21st, 2010

What would you ask?

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What’s your favourite video game?

I ask that to everyone though.

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Do you have any regrets in running for and winning the Presidency?

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Are you going to watch Conan’s new show on TBS?

Or… maybe something a little more serious, like, whether he thinks the Electoral College is still effective (and fair) or whether it is time to consider a change.

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The last time I checked, the White House had an address with its own zip code. They even have a web site and are on facebook and twitter. There are plenty of ways to ask President Obama lots of questions. It doesn’t have to be limited to one.

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@hawaii_jake :: You should watch this.

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Doesn’t your name sound suspiciously like “Osama”? o.O

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President Obama, Why are you such an utter failure?

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How are you holding up, sir?

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How is leaving the Constitutional abuses and overreach of the Executive Branch George W. Bush gave us not going to end up be using to further erode liberty by future Presidents?

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When will you finally stop pandering to the obstructionist Republicans?”
When will you start a publicity campaign emphasising the successes of your administration to counter the rightwing demagogery?


Please explain to us why you broke several campaign promises.

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To whom do you owe your office, and for what?

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“Why the hell are you putting yourself in a bad light in the eyes of 71% of Americans by making any comment, much less a positive one, on the issue of Muslims building virtually on ground zero? Is a private real estate transaction in NYC really a priority for you, don’t you have other more pressing details to occupy your time?”

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Does Michelle spit or swallow? I think she looks like the latter suits her just fine ;¬}

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I would want to be the next in line after @Void and ask, Mr. President, how does it feel to be trying so hard to do good and accomplishing so many things and still be called a failure?

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Mr. President…..why are our troops in foregin contries in wars that cannot be won?

Also, why are you not making illegal immigration enforcement a number one priority for all the legal U.S. citizens? Something is holding you back and Americans need to know why you are doing so?

Finally, exactly what religion do you practice?

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Mr. President, Why were you at the show the View and not at the Boy Scout’s Jamboree where you should of been?

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@Void high five! I’d ask him: “Soo, how’s the vacation treatin’ ya?”

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I would ask “Obama why do you spend so much time on t.v and vacationing instead of fixing the economy?”

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@john65pennington: ”exactly what religion do you practice?

How is this any of our business? What happened to separation of church and state?

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How can I help?

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“Can I see your birth certificate?”

And then, since I’m not actually a stupid asshole, I would ask “where do you envision America’s role in the world 50 years from now?” We’re not going to be the hegemon for much longer, we need to do our best to understand that and bow out gracefully.

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I’d like to know if Obama is really a Christian, since I doubt he’s actually ignorant enough to believe that Jesus rose from the dead like a magical zombie.

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Can I borrow $20?

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