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What is the best guidebook on Greece?

Asked by uniquenewyork (295points) August 22nd, 2010

I am visiting Greece soon and spending more than a week on the island of Santorini. Can anyone who has traveled there with a guidebook make a recommendation for me?

For reference, I took Let’s Go Europe when I traveled around in college, Lonely Planet post-college for Asia and Footprint Guide to South America last year. I’m not really a Frommer’s or Fodor type of traveler. Thanks!

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Eyewitness travel guides are the best if you’re a visual person.
Lots of maps, pictures, easy to use, and great information.

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Another endorsement for the DK Eyewitness guide. A little brief perhaps, but you can’t beat its illustrations for finding your way around major tourist sites.

I also found the Rough Guide to Greece invaluable throughout my visit to the country last year. Far more comprehensive than the Eyewitness edition and jam packed with fascinating titbits about Greek history and culture. The two books really complemented each other.

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By the way, I find “Let’s Go” guides are filled with bad advice. Their guidebook to Paris led me to some of the worst dining experiences of my France trip. I did a lot better by just following my nose and asking the locals in broken French. Let’s Go will lead you to tourist traps that are about on par with Denny’s at three times the price.

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Ben Dover’s guide to all things Greek?!?!?!

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