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Is carry-out food ever the correct order?

Asked by john65pennington (29192points) August 22nd, 2010

I rarely drive-up for carryout food. Its been a while and the other night i decided to “eat on the run”. Drove up to a White Castle restaurant and ordered their new “slider” hamburgers with tomatoes on it. Price was 79 cents each, ordered six and a large Coca Cola. After paying for my food and hitting the road, I discovered the tomatoes were missing! This was six miles down the interstate. I was not a happy camper. The missing tomatoes did not concern me as much and the principle involved. If they did this to me, they have done this to someone else? Question: Do you trust food orders given at drive-up windows? Have you ever been “cheated” out of food or given an incomplete order? If so, did you turn around and complain or did you just keep on driving?

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1) White Castle is pretty much filled with stoners. More so than almost all other restaurants. Of course you didn’t get what you ordered. 2) Are we talking fast-food drive through alone, or nice restaurants that have a take-out option? I’ve found I have waaaayyyy more luck getting the right thing if I get it from The Cheesecake Factory than Burger King.

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I’ve been giving the wrong order or a mess up order. I’d say my carry/take out orders are only wrong maybe 5% of the time and that’s fast food and “sit down” restaurants combined.

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In my experience take-out food is always correct. (Unlike in Lethal Weapon 2)

But then.., it’s all about the locations you choose.

For example: In-N-Out burger has given me the wrong order maybe twice in 4 decades of heavy use, and even then is was only the wrong style burger.

Rubio’s opens the container and shows you the food and repeats the order as they hand it to you.


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Well, i wonder whether the pizza joints REALLY put extra cheese on the pizza when i order it so…it does’t look like it.

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Ipso, good manuever on Rubios. check it and forget it. good idea. wish it would spread to the other drive-ups. thanks, john

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I almost always get exactly what I ordered.

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Me too. It’s rarely wrong. But the more people that are being ordered for, the higher the chance my order won’t be right.

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I’m not sure mine has ever been wrong.

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I almost never get the wrong food.

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Although… A story both my parents tell on occasion is that they were on a trip with my older sister, who was practically a baby at the time, and they went to a Burger King drive through (I think it was a drive through back then). They gave my sister her hamburger and she started crying. Turns out, it was just two buns that she got.

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I always order “custom” food (because I don’t like all the toppings on my burgers), so I always check it before I leave. I don’t think it happens very often, but sometimes it is wrong. I then tell them it’s wrong and wait for them to correct it.

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What are “sliders” and where can I find a White Castle in Hollywood?

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@Ben_Dover – White Castle blows chunks. It’s a joke. Very East Coast.

West Coast = In-n-Out. Completely dominant; yeah, since the late 1940s. “#1 animal style”. If you’re in Hollywood there is one by the high school on Sunset.

Or… if you’re in the Los Angeles area, try a Father’s Office burger and know the new way.

I had one tonight with 2 Racer 5s.

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Thanks @ipso, But I prefer Tommy’s Chili Burgers, and Pink’s Chili Dawgs.

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Pink’s Wurstküche
Tommy’s The Hat, pastrami chili burger (yeah.., that’s a stretch : )

But I’m more of a:
Bay Cities (hot pastrami, the works – hot, 2x provolone, 3x yellow mustard – Sprecher root beer, and a small bag of Tim’s BBQ chips)
– Baby Blues BBQ (hound dog, mac & cheese, to go, and a bottle of 2-buck chuck from Trader Joe’s)
– Santouka (chashumen, large, orange crush)
– Tacos Por Favor (2x chorizo and cheese soft taco, 1x chili relleno burrito, Mexico Coke bottle)
– A Mac & cheese & pork & caramelized onion grilled cheese sando from the taco truck outside of The Brig.. kind of guy.

When ordered carry-out, all but one have been perfect – just to keep us on topic.

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