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At what age should my daughter shave her legs?

Asked by hairypalm (889points) March 24th, 2008

I have a 5 year old, I know she’s young now, but she’s growing up fast. around what age? 9? 10? 40? Ladies help me out.

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When she has enough hair on them that it’s embarrassing.
There is no such thing as a Right age. Its different for every girl.
Usually its around puberty.

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errrr, my wife is always right. :(
Thank you Del

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How longs a price of string. In other words it depends on the person.

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The biggest fight I had with my mother when I was growing up was over this issue. Back in those days, I was too intimidated to do it myself so I asked for permission. This was at the start of 7th grade (and Jr. High) when I was 12 and noticed that I needed, suddenly, depilation. My mother, being rigid and a control freak, said that I had to wait until I was 13. Don’t ask me why.

So I had a birthday during Xmas vacation and returned to school w. silky limbs. I can still remember the feeling (over 58 years later) of what my legs felt like as they grazed each other when I walked.

My sister, younger, had more leeway but had a similar quarrel over being allowed to pierce her ears. She still wonders why she just didn’t go and have it done. No malls then; it was a friend w. ice and a wedge of raw potato with a needle stuck in it.

Not a laughing matter for a girl who is entering puberty and worrying about a million different issues. We weren’t scarred for life, certainly, but we REMEMBER. And we treated our daughters very differently.

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When trappers start to track her for her pelts.

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A lot will depend on her complexion, whether she’s hairy, and the coarseness of the hair. I would say don’t focus on this, she’ll have enough body image challenges growing up in this era as it is. I’m sure she’ll let it be known when she’s ready. The drawback to that, of course, is once you start shaving… you have to continue shaving.

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Just let her know that when she feels she needs to start she is able to? If she’s uncomfortable with her legs, the age doesn’t matter. Like delirium said, it’s different for every girl.

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thank you all!!!

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You are baaaaadddddd CornMan!!!

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