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How do you put the regarding "your answer" link in a comment?

Asked by LuckyGuy (38684points) August 22nd, 2010

The instructions must be here someplace. I just don’t see them. I think I am a semi intelligent human. What am I missing?

(I think I just set myself up for some abuse.)

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We could never abuse a worried guy!

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I think you can only use that if you click the Thank @user button which you will find underneath someone’s answer, the answer that someone gave to a question that you asked.
If you want to put regarding your answer to anyone elses answer (an answer that someone gave to somebody elses question) you can right click and copy the link of the red anchor that you will also find underneath the answer someone wrote, next to the Flag as button (hover with you mouse over it).
Next thing to do is paste the link in the comment box of the user you want to thank (and maybe write the words regarding your answer to it).

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@rebbel I don;t have the Thank you button under th answer. i just GA’d you and it still did not show up.
I will try the red anchor line now
Oh my ! It works !

@MissA You are too kind.

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@augustlan and @dog,,,how about your input?

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@rebbel The red anchor thing didn’t work for me.

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That is strange.
I assume(d) that it is the same for everybody (the Thank rebbel button being there).
Maybe a real tech person can shed some light here?!

The tech person i mentioned one sentence earlier, i hope, will shed some more light, for your red anchor.

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The link to thank should be there on questions you ask. It only shows up on questions you ask.

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The “thank ___” is only on questions you ask. It won’t show up on questions that you did not ask.

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What the?! The “Thank xyz” link is there now! Is someone messing with me? .

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@worriedguy You drinking already? :-)

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We’re sneaky.

@rebbel explained it all very well.
@chyna Under the answer you want to link to, hover your mouse just to the right of “flag as” and a red paragraph mark should show up. Right click on it, and choose something like “copy link location”. You can then paste the link into any answer, PM, question, whatever. If anyone clicks on the link you pasted in, it will take them to that answer. I’ll link to the first answer in this thread. Let me know if that works for you.

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link Yes, it worked! I linked to the first answer also. Thanks @augustlan.

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Thank you @johnpowell for explaining this perfect, and succinctly.

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I feel abusive feelings coming on. Going out for a smoke.


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