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Do you eat eggs for breakfast without toast? Just eggs and a drink?

Asked by Aster (19126points) August 22nd, 2010

I have never had scrambled or fried eggs without toast or biscuits but wondered if anyone eats eggs by themselves.

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It’s true that toast is the carbohydrate yin to eggy protein yang, but I’ve been known to not eat them together. Omelettes, for example, are generally filling enough to have on their own, and if I’m having a hard-boiled egg then I often forgoe the soldiers.

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I adore omelets but have not eaten one without toast ! lol

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I’ve never really eaten an entire egg. They’re terrible. But I’ve had them alone before, too.

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I am also among the non-egg eaters here.

Toast is best served with a generous slather of Nutella. I often have this as a snack and not just for brekky

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Because I have gestational diabetes right now, I have been eating eggs without toast for months. Anything to get my protein up and my carbs down will do the trick.

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I can’t stand eggs. I eat them in baked goods and that’s about it. :)

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I usually have sunny side up eggs on toast, but when i have scrambled eggs i don’t eat them with toast.

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I don’t like eggs without toast.

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They must come with toast, or with a tortilla in a breakfast burrito.

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I rarely have eggs nowadays except when I am away from home in a hotel or a bed and breakfast. I then take scrambled or occasionally fried eggs with bacon but I do like scrambled eggs on toast. And there is bread dipped in an egg and milk mix and then fried. Absolutely delicious. Haven’t had that in a long while. Must make a mental note to self.

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bread dipped in milk and egg is french toast. Had it all my life.

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I rarely eat breads anymore so yes, I love eggs and eat them alone or with a piece of fruit and my cup of espresso.

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Almost every day. I don’t like toast.

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I do. I eat two cold, hardboiled eggs almost very morning with grapefruit slices or sometimes cold cereal.

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For six months, i ate nothing but scrambled eggs and cottage cheese and black coffee. i lost 30 pounds and i also lost my taste forever, for scrambled eggs. it did not take long for me to burn out on cottage cheese, either. this diet worked for me. please never mention eggs or cottage cheese to me ever again.

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I eat eggs alone with just cheese and hot sauce or ketchup and coffee. It’s actually harder for me to imagine eggs without some sort of hash browns or bacon, not toast. I like to add stuff to my eggs like onions, mushrooms, and sausage.

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I eat hard boiled eggs to . No toast. Not a big toast eater.

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With a fried egg, I eat toast. Scrambled egg or omelet, never.

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