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We can now test our drinks for the presence of the date rape drug. When might we be able to test our food for E. coli, etc.? See deatil?

Asked by flo (12974points) August 22nd, 2010

Maybe two weeks ago there was news, that a tester has been invented, to help bar patrons test for date rape drug. I am not sure if it only shows whether it is alkaline or acid, and if alkaline it is tampered with. So, do you have any knowledge as to when individuals will be able to test for ecoli salmolina etc. in their food?

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…what are your thoughts is more like it.

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I was actually going to post a question, still might, asking if people pay attention to recalls regarding salmonella in eggs and ecoli in hamburger meat. I have no idea where the eggs are that are affected, what brand, they could be in my fridge and I will eat one tomorrow. I am not concerned because I function on assuming all eggs and hamburger beef has to be cooked enough to kill such food born illnesses. If it was on lettuce, different story.

Would you check all of your food every time beore you eat it? Or, are you looking or the food producers or distributors to be doing more testing?

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@JLeslie I was thinking of testing whenever some food item looks suspicious. It would be too much work to test all my food. The food producers/distributers could use more more testing too I guess. But they are recalling them, and you are still going to eat them? You must have never gotten sick. I couldn’t.

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