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Would an electric/invisible fence work for cats?

Asked by troubleinharlem (7981points) August 22nd, 2010 from iPhone

We moved to a sort of suburban residential area by a few busy-ish roads. My cats are accustomed to being outside cats, but I’m petrified that they’ll get hit by something if they wander off.
They have electric/invisible fences for dogs, but does anyone know if I can use it for cats, or if there is a cat version of the product?

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I’m not currently adopted by any cats, but I have lived in a suburb my entire life where drivers can be particularly insane. We live in a somewhat removed community where the cats lounge in the middle of the street and nap undisturbed for hours. Near the busy roads closer to traffic, I have seen cats dash in front of cars and sleep behind tires (that terrifies the bejeezus out of me.)

An electric fence would be inadvisable for the reasons @frdelrosario mentioned – it’s just seems too easy for the cats to get around them, whether they decide to actually leave the property or not. I checked a few Invisible Fence websites and they claim to work just as well for cats, but I do not know anybody who has tested this. I hope someone here has and will give you the thumbs up or thumbs down for it. If not, maybe you can check a few feline-savvy forums? I did that when I needed to find advise on Huskies for a friend who was planning on rescuing one.

If neither option seems feasible, I would unfortunately recommend keeping your cats indoors. Better safe than sorry, right?

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No. Keep them indoors. (I hope you got your cat to the vet.)

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I have never heard of invisible fencing being successfully used for cats. The collars and battery packs are rather bulky and heavy for something as small as a cat, and I’m not sure that the lowest setting would be light enough. I can’t imagine cats reacting well to electric shocks. I think they’d be more likely to strangle themselves. (Cats like to go through small spaces, shrubbery, and climb trees – all of these things would create the possibility of snagging the collar and strangling the cat.)

Keep them inside. They’ll adapt.

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Let us not forget that most cats won’t abide by wearing a collar at all in the first place.

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<———not smart enough to make the connectuion ‘The closer I get to there the more it shocks’.

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@majorrich They are definitely smart enough. The problem is that they often are too stubborn to care and thus will keep trying even when they do know better.

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Wouldn’t work. Nuff said.

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