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Where can I listen to a certain song for free online?

Asked by MyNewtBoobs (19041points) August 22nd, 2010

What are good sites for listening to a certain song for free? I know and pandora, but they’ll just create a station, not play that specific song.

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YouTube is pretty good for that. There’s a site called Dirpy that you can use to download the audio from YouTube video as an MP3.

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Spotify ” receive 20 hours listening time – that’s equivalent to listening to 25 albums or 300 tracks EVERY month…”

SundayKittens's avatar I would die die die without it.

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@rebbel Can you use that site to send a song to a friend?

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I don’t know, i have only used about thirty minutes of my twenty hours.
Haven’t yet grasped all its possibilities.
I will have a look in the FAQ tomorrow for you right now it’s sleepy time for Dutch boys.

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Sleep well, dutch boy. Thanks!

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Well, because you wished me well, i looked it up already, @janbb.
Check here for information, if you please.

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Thank you, dutch boy. Will check it out. Sweet dreams.

Piper's avatar! Also, Myspace Music has a lot of music on it.

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@Randy I never knew about Dirpy. What an awesome resource! I used it to download one of my favorite songs that I couldn’t find in itunes, limewire, or by searching music blogs. Thanks.

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I agree with @SundayKittens Thats where I listen to songs.

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@Haleth That’s exactly what I use it for. It’s so great for those rare songs or a certain live performance that you’d like to listen to whenever. It’s one of the greatest sites I’ve ever found by accident.

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youtube, vevo, metacafe

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project playlist

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The Grooveshark site is pretty good if you just want to listen to music

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I used to like but their gone so is my second choice.

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Youtube is good for that but if its not their I would say Grooveshark or vevo. You could always google the song, too.

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Pandora and Youtube like everyone else said. Youtube is amazing

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