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Can anyone help clarify the language in the following bill?

Asked by philosopher (9152points) August 22nd, 2010

The Governor of New York state has this bill on his desk.
I believe this bill would force New York state insurance companies to pay for therapy for autistic people at any age.
Rebbecca from confirmed my belief.
Do we have any lawyers here?
Can anyone clarify the wording of this link (bill) below.

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It does seem to read what you and Rebecca are assuming, however, the phrase “Coverage would also be subject to utilization review, medical necessity determinations and appropriate case management.” jumps out at the reader and also the listed fiscal implication being that it is anticipated to result in savings to the State may be oddly worded. I do not have any specific knowledge of NY law though so this is just speculation on my part.

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Thank you for your interruption.

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