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Can you help me with moving situations?

Asked by Brenna_o (1776points) August 22nd, 2010

So late next year another jelly and I will be moving in together, and away from our home town. We both want to go to a college with in 20min of each other. Also we will most likely marry :)
Our problem is we dont know where to move to. Some where near WA state no farther than montana. We would like a semi busy town with lots of fun cheap things to do. Somewhere with nice weather in summer snow in winter. And a place with some great college with in 30 min of the town. Do any of you jellies have any suggestions of us?

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You might want to look into Bend, Oregon. The University of Oregon and Oregon State University have satellite schools there. And I think Portland State was planning to do the same about five years ago.

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I’d highly recommend Missoula, Montana. It’s a decent sized college town near the western border of the state. There are lots of opportunities for recreational activities around the town, and plenty of options for a healthy night life too. The town has a pretty laid-back and friendly vibe to it. It sounds like it’d be a good fit for the two of you.

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As you probably already know, you can forget about WA state west of I-5 unless you are into high desert, small towns, and rednecks. Snow in the winter is also a little dicey; there is a fine line between “not happening” and “stuck at home for a week because things are so spread out that you aren’t even on the map”.

Snow in the winter is one thing I miss since moving the the Northwest, but given that people out here can’t drive in the (or at all, really) that may not be such a bad thing.

I am curious how you would feel about Bellingham. Most of the college kids I know who aren’t into the Seattle metropolitan thing go to school up there.

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@jerv I actually have never been to bellingham. I live near olympia.. I do not like it here though. I want to leave this town soo bad

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It might be worth a look-see. It’s a bit of a drive, but nothing too onerous from where you are; about 200 miles/3½ hours, mostly on I-5. Maybe some weekend you should check it out.

The biggest school there is WWU but there are other colleges in town. They get snow sometimes and the summers are about what you are used to. The population is listed at ~80,000 and, being a college town, they cater to “struggling students” so there is no lack of stuff to do for relatively cheap.

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As my username states, I went to Gonzaga University. Spokane is a small town compared to my home, Orange County, but is big enough to offer enough things to do. It is really cold in the winter, but is very pretty and pleasant in the fall and spring. The summer is really hot up there though. The city has 3 universities and a WSU satellite campus. There is a great downtown bar scene that are all walkable. They also have a lot of good restaurants surprisingly.

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If you are paying tuition yourself, you will most likely want to stay in-state. Why not go to the same university instead of two different ones?

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@BarnacleBill Because we cannot find a college that offers both psychology and massage therapy

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