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Have you ever been touched by an angel?

Asked by zen_ (6273points) August 22nd, 2010

An angel of love, or another angel?

Still listening to this

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yeagh i have.

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Legally, I’m not allowed to say.

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Welcome newbie @fooer – check for little typos – especially on a first post. And we like grammar here, lotz of anul gramur peepul hear.

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I’ve been touched by a guy in a bumblebee costume.—does that count?—XD

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^ But of course, my lovely girl so nice, she named it thrice. But I’d report him to the police.

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Oh, yes. Oh, yes. Oh, yes. Oh.

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@zen_ -I let it go because he was buzzed… ;)

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Bzzz. Maybe it was me.

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@zen-Do you own black and yellow striped tights?

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Yes, on my upper lip just under my nose. Technically, this little depression is called a philtral dimple, but my mother always told me it was an angel’s touch.

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I was guided through two telephone poles, in my Crown Vic police car, by guardian angels. only two inches of space on each side of my car mirrors and i made a “field goal”.

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Angels tend to avoid me, cuz’ I corrupt them all.

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@Austinlad Interesting that your mother said that – for I remember a movie with a scene of how babies are brought to Earth. All the babies are up in Heaven, walking around & talking amongst themselves & the angels – & when a baby is needed, an angel holds up their index finger & pushes it against the babies lips (as to say, ‘shhh’) which prevents them from being able to talk about what they have seen – known as the ‘Angel’s Touch,’ which leaves that dimple above our lips. :) Thought you would like to know that.

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Don’t beleive in angels, but I’ve had some pretty miraculous occurrences in my life.

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Interesting question. Maybe an angel is the explanation for why I suddenly woke up at 4am with the strong urge to head over to my sister’s house. When I got there, her body was still warm, but she was gone. The hardest thing I’ve ever had to do was to gently let her two daughters who were living at home know, but, oh boy…I’m glad that I was there. The thought of them discovering it on their own is too much to bear.

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Edit: believe (stupid fingers!)

@Pied_Pfeffer Wow – that must have been terrible.

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I’ve had some pretty serendipitous things happen, and I believe that I have someone with me who keeps a good watch.

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Not touched… But in my younger days, I fantasized about being cuffed by These Angels.

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@janbb Hi Bubby. What miracles? Tell us. And I before E, except after C.

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No I haven’t that I’m aware of but umm…
Celine Dion?
Isn’t she the poster child for the antichrist?

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of course…..we all are

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i’ve had my life saved a few of times by one and these were close calls. my guardian angel, i shit you not.

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@zen_ Check out my Edit.

Miraculous – Meeting my later husband hitchhiking, walking into a dream job 4 days after leaving a toxic one, having a gallery ask to sell my art unsolicited, the births of my sons…..

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Of course not. There’s no such thing. It’s a pretty idea—that’s all.

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I think everyone has a guardian angel or spirit guide.

@RealEyes Yes, those were my favorite angels as a young kid as well.

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@janbb OIC.

Did you like the clip?

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Yes. Her name is Meghan. She has an assistant named Jacqueline.

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Yes, in a place I’m quite ashamed to say…

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Just point to it on the puppet. It’s going to be OK.~

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No, but this makes me think of something that happened years ago. We were on holiday in Switzerland and we’d stopped the car to get out and look and the scenery. My dad went off one way and me and my sister went another way, all the time in view of my mum who waited for us in the car. I can’t remember exactly what i was looking at, but i walked to the end of a very high drop on the edge of some cliff thingy or something. Then i heard someone say to me “step away from the edge” (or something to that effect), and i turned around and asked my mum if she’d said something (not sure why i asked that since someone obviously spoke to me) and she said no, she didn’t. So someone spoke to me there! I wish i knew who it was. There were no other people in within sight, so it was definitely someone from another dimension or something. :)

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@NaturallyMe it was your guardian angel : )

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@NaturallyMe In my 31 years, that’s the only time it’s ever happened! I wonder who it is…or are guardian angels just some random spook that happen to be at the right place in the right time?, hehe. :)

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