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Why does reheating coffee in a microwave oven kill its taste?

Asked by john65pennington (29192points) August 22nd, 2010

My wife use to reheat her coffee in the microwave oven. This action changed the taste of the coffee. It was so bad that we decided to buy a coffee system that keeps the coffee hot in a brewing thermos. Some people cannot taste the difference and i wonder why? So, how do you keep your java hot? And, is it the microwave oven that changes the coffees taste or is it just me?

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Not for me John… i do it all the time. Taste buds i guess. They say as you get older, the taste buds change. Not mine. Or maybe, i’ve not noticed it. I still love my drinks and food.

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I’ve noticed that yes, reheated coffee tastes like utter doom. I don’t know why though, I think it might depend on what you put in there. (Milk, cream.)
I keep it hot by making small pots, usually enough for one cup…I don’t bring coffee anywhere with me, I drink it in the morn so it doesn’t have time to get cold. I’ll buy one or make more if the urge strikes…but I ain’t reheating it. It’s undrinkable…despite that, the effect seems to be like, tripled, if you manage to down the whole thing.

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BoBo, thanks. maybe its just me. as you mentioned. “as i get older” and thats entirely possible. i have drank so much coffee in my police career that i could float a battleship on it.

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@john65pennington i certainly understand that comment John.

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It’s not just the microwave; re-heating coffee by any means ruins it (for me at least). I used to have this problem all the time, until I got a Keurig single cup coffee maker. Now I go to the coffee maker whenever I want a cup, and Presto!, and nice hot cup of java is ready in a couple of minutes. No more wasted coffee or it’s awful re-heated cousin for me.

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I am an admitted coffee snob.

Hot coffee = good. iced coffee = good. cold coffee = Yuck.

Reheated coffee = yuck.

I think it’s the same as anything else – you’re cooking something that’s already been cooked. Taking charcoal and turning it to ash.

Seriously, it doesn’t take that long to make a new pot. Don’t nuke your coffee.

Edit to add:

I don’t add milk to my coffee, unless I’m making a latte. I imagine milk might help to mask the overcooked flavor of microwaved coffee.

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I too have the keurig and it’s great but sometimes I find that the coffee gets cold kinda fast… before I put milk in it, I will nuke it for 30 seconds or a minute then add the milk. It doesn’t seem to change the flavor for me

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I like coffee in a cup, I like coffee heated up. I like coffee cold with ice, any coffee is very nice! :~)
Seriously though, I do heat up coffee if there is any left over and I think it tastes fine.

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My husband will not drink coffee that is more than a hour and half old. He says it tastes different.Needless to say we go through alot of coffee. I can’t tell the difference but he sure can.

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I need coffee. I was a connoisseur but now, for me, it’s like pizza; reheated, day old, hot/cold – hell just slip a tube into my arm and feed me.

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