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How do I verify a gmail account so I can make a blog?

Asked by silvermoon (753points) August 22nd, 2010

Just signed up for a free gmail account as their blogger site requests emails in ‘their’ format. I have recieved their confimation code but there is no link to a verification site. Without this their blog site will not allow me to create a blog. The only options they have available is a code via sms or voice message however I don’t feel comfortable giving my mobile number to a website along with not knowing if charges will occur. All wanted to do was create a blog, can anyone help?

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Did you log into gmail to see if there’s a message from blogger with a confirmation link? You log into gmail from Google.

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@BarnacleBill I didn’t think of that to be honest. Just checked and none of them are from blogger.

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Give it a little while, sometimes confirmation emails don’t come right away.

Just FYI, although create a gmail account is definitely the easiest way, technically, you created a Google account, which you need for most of their services. Kinda like if when you created your Fluther account, you got an email account along with it.

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I have never set the g-mail account up through blogger, but rather did it the other way around. Blogger is part of Google, as is G-Mail.

I tried to set up a second blogger account using my secondary e-mail address. (You know your g-mail address is set up because you were able to check the e-mail.) I did not select “Create a new account” on blogger, but rather just logged in. Once I logged in, it asked me for my password again, and displayed a security code to type in, which was visually distorted random letters. Once I successfully did that, it took me right to the welcome screen of Blogger. However, once I got past that, it asked me for a mobile number on a screen where that was the only option, There was a hot link in the message for an alternative path, and I chose the option. I got a rather malicious sounding message that my account required validation, which included typing yet another visually distorted code, part of which looked like Hebrew letters. I typed random letters in for that part, and it took it.

I would be very concerned, too. I was left with the sense that something is not correct with blogger. Violation of TOS? Not hardly. I use the account to save e-mails that I don’t want in my main account, and to respond to the NYT readers comments because you get spammed from that site.

Here’s a link to the Google Help Center

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@BarnacleBill The visually distorted letters are called a “CAPTCHA” and they’re used to make sure that you’re a human, not a computer.

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I know that, @papayalily, but thank you. Some validation tools are more distorted than others, and this was barely legible. Of the two that appeared on the blogger site validation, one was not in English, which was extremely strange.

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