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Who have you met or seen that is famous?

Asked by zannajune (1154points) August 22nd, 2010

I’d never seen anyone famous before until today. Yesterday my husband and I got married and we stayed at the Edgewater in Seattle. As we were leaving the hotel we walked right past Ron Jeremy. It was too funny. Apparently he was in town for Hempfest.
Anyway, who have you met/seen that is famous and what were the circumstances?

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I met Neil Gaiman at the National Book Festival a couple years ago.

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Brandi Carlile, Keifer Sutherland (second cousin) and Tracy Morgan.

That’s it.

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I live in Southern California so I see a lot of celebrities, mainly in restaurants and clothing stores (although I did see Wee Man at the police station once. He was trying to get a gun permit. AH!), but I’ve only actually met a few, one being Kathy Griffin. She was actually really quiet and had beautiful, beautiful hair. So beautiful, that I wanted to eat it.
And Ice Cube said “sup shortay” to me at a gas station once.

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@Vunessuh Your entire comment was amazing. Wee Man trying to get a gun permit is scary though :D

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When I tell people from out of state that I live in L.A. , one of the first questions they ask is whether I have met anyone famous. I had a poster signed by a couple of voice actors working for FUNimation and I didn’t personally speak to them, but I attended a panel hosted by the writing staff of Robot Chicken. Seth Green wasn’t present, as he was busy (or so they told us~).

I wasn’t able to speak to him, but I had the absolute pleasure of listening to Lance Black deliver a speech at my school. I was crying happy tears the whole time :)

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I met Tom Kenny once. That’s about it.

Btw, I was star struck. I’m actually a big fan of his work.

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Chris Rock a couple years ago in a NYC lobby following a maxwell concert, and Dustin Hoffman in NYC during a field trip to the Museum of Natural History… :) oh, do athletes count??? I went to school with Willie Randoph’s kids, met Jason Vanhorn of the Nets at an ATM, and served Phil Simms at a Burger King… Autographs shows shouldn’t count cause my list would be endless

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@boots I’m so jealous. Tom Kenny is hilarious and gifted with an incredible voice.

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I’ve met a few musicians, but always at their concerts, so that’s not very out of the ordinary.

I also met Jonny Moseley, a past Olympic gold medal winner in freestyle skiing. He signed my snowboard. So… yeah… who’s jealous now?

@Vunessuh Ice Cube, eh? So, is it safe to assume that that was a good day?

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Captain Lou came into the restaurant I was working at when I was 16. I got to sit and talk with him for a bit. He was a really nice guy.
I met Michele Knotz at an anime convention several years ago. We were both playing Guitar Hero. We ended up hanging out and chatting for the rest of the night and then meeting up for breakfast before the convention ended the last day. We’ve stayed in touch over the years and still talk now.
I met the guys from Relient K, Emery, The Sleeping, Hawthorne Heights, and The Plain White T’s at the Nintendo Fusion Tour in 2006. In addition to getting to chat with them before the show, I was able to talk to them for a bit after the show as well. They were all great guys too.
I also met Tommy Tallarico at a video game convention several years ago. He was the host of several shows on G4 and is an amazing video game composer (in my opinion). He was one of the sweetest guys I’ve ever met and still keeps in touch from time to time to this day.
I’ve met many other people at conventions that I got to say hi and get a picture/autograph with, but since I really didn’t talk much with them, I didn’t list them.

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I work at a tanning salon and met Lady gaga there

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@jeffgoldblumsprivatefacilities Or maybe it was a good day for him. ;)
I mean, he did buy Cheez-Its after all.

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I met the rapper Gorilla Zoe in Birmingham. Haha.

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Is Val Kilmer still famous? Anyway I met him in Sante Fe while doing some remodeling work at a restaraunt..

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I’ve spent a fair amount of time with George R.R. Martin at conventions. He has the best laugh ever, and he is a total cuddlebug. Great guy. And I completely adore his partner Parris, too. She’s amazing.

I’ve also met China Miéville, Neil Gaiman, and Terry Pratchett for long enough to have actual conversations with them. PTerry gave me a peanut butter cookie. It was yummy.

And I literally ran into Miriam Margolyes once at the train station in Boston. I was having an awful day—the ONLY train I could take that entire day was sold out and I didn’t have the money to stay another night in the city—but she was so very nice when I apologized, she cheered me right up.

Edit: OH. Also, John and Rebecca Romijn Stamos once came into the Walmart I worked at when I was in college. They meandered around for an hour while they had pictures developed, and then used the checkout lane next to mine.

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@woodcutter My brother in law is from NM. One day he was working at a gas station and something happened to Val Kilmer’s truck (I’m not sure what). But my brother-in-law fixed it up for him. Then Val Kilmer told him that he hopes he wasn’t expecting a tip in a condescending tone…At least that what my brother-in-law told me.

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@amazingme So maybe Mr Kilmer lives out there? A lot of movie stars do. It chaps me off big time when working folk get poo poo’ed that way like your BIL was. Anyway, Kilmer seemed a lot smaller irl than I figured he would be.

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@Apparently a lot of celebrities do. I am pretty sure Julia Roberts spends some time there. I also know Patrick Swazye did. He was friends with my brother-in-law’s uncle. Apparently, he was an extremely nice person. :]

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Harry S. Truman (When I was five or six – my Great Uncle used to do some occasional handiwork for him and I got to meet him at his home)

Jimmy Carter (during a presidential visit)

Sammy Hagar (backstage)

Charlie Daniels (We got really drunk on a jug of apple wine)
Derrick Thomas of the Kansas City Chiefs (RIP) (We kept our business open after hours so Derrick could quietly shop for Christmas gifts)

George Brett of the Kansas City Royals (in a night club)

Joe Walsh (at a music store in the mid-seventies)

Brian Johnson, Angus & Malcolm Young of AC/DC (on Brian’s 38th birthday)

Steve Walsh of Kansas ( at a free concert in Kansas City’s Penn Vally Park – before the band hit the big time)

Eddie Money (I once spent an entire day trying to keep him sober before a show – then my boss ruined it all by buying him a six-pack)

Ann and Nancy Wilson of Heart (backstage – I kept wishing that Ann would leave so I could chat up Nancy)

Alice Cooper (we met at a drug-fueled party in the late seventies)

Joe Satriani (backstage and at one of his many guitar clinics)

Robert Plant (backstage in St. Louis)

Sam Kinison (after his only show in Kansas City, MO)

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One time I was sitting with a friend at Fred Segal’s eating a pizza. This uber-hot blonde bombshell bounces out of a pearl Escalade across the street – and I say to my friend, “Holy shit, look at this!” And then walks in, slow motion, from the distance, straight up to me and my friend – Pam Andersen (and Kid Rock).

Right then this guy – some random guy – walks directly up in front of them and blocks their progress and points at them and says “YOUR’RE Pam Andersen. YOUR’RE Kid Rock?” After an awkward pause, they look at each other, and very nicely reply “Yes”. And this guy does this horrific fan thing; something I don’t even want to talk about.

Suffice it to say: I don’t ever want to be that guy. Never!

I’ve seen Pam multiple times strolling her kid down “Montana Ave”. I’d like to think they are just our neighbors. (If you don’t know it, anonymity is perhaps your most valuable possession.)

One time I rolled up to my local tailor, and there were a bunch of paparazzi people with cameras outside (very common in my town). I walked in, got my clothes, did not even recognize X who was a VERY hot young small blonde girl, but when I exited ahead of them I took my car and blocked the paparazzi (2 cars) so that when X and her beau left, the paparazzi were PISSED because they could not chase them, and screaming at me. But I had to laugh and stepped out of my car fully willing to fight – full-on – whoever wanted some (actually just to protect my car hood from being beaten.)

Many other stories: David Lee Roth, Dustin Hoffman, Michael Keaton (a total fucking cock-lick), Julia Roberts (a completely sweet person), etc. etc. etc.

I met Ronald Regan. We talked USC football. I surprised him.

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@ipso I think my dad would have given up a kidney to have been in your shoes. Not only is Reagan his favourite former president and governor, but he is a USC alum. I’m certain his blood is cardinal and gold. He gave his first born a plush toy of a plush Traveler horse that played the USC Fight Song instead of a traditional teddy bear (possibly because anything bear-related too closely resembles that bear.)

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“Reagan” – I’m drunk, and dyslexic.

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I’ve seen my share of famous people; just go to the American Century Classic celebrity golf tournament in Stateline, Nevada. You can see like 20-in-1 there. (Though most of the celebrities are athletes I’d never heard of). But I saw Ray Romano, John Elway, Michael Jordan, Dan Quayle, Heather Locklear, and Tony Romo. :)

As for meeting famous people, I haven’t met too many. I looked Paula Abdul in the eye in Beverly Hills with my friends. We all saw her and got really close to her and she said “hi” to us. That was pretty awesome. :) I did meet Patty Duke and got her autograph. I’ve had a few other brushes with famous people, some of which most people probably haven’t heard of, but famous nonetheless, maybe in other areas. (Met the members of a band called The English Beat, but most people I know had never heard of them. I’ve also met a couple semi-famous VCs and businessmen). Also met Matt Nathanson at a concert in San Jose.

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Bono, Dudley Moore, Dick van Dyke
The Impressions
Shannon Lawson
Shake Anderson
Terry Adams of NRBQ
Rob Wasserman
Stephen Perkins of Janes Addiction

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Younger Jellies will have no idea who these people are, but thanks to having spent a lot of time in Los Angeles doing TV and radio commercials, friendships with P.R. people, love of the theater and the good luck of being in the right place at the right time, I’ve met Barry Goldwater, Ronald Reagan, Tony Bennett, Tom Wolfe, Jimmy Breslin, Peter Faulk, Jonathan Winters, Ed McMahon, Pat O’Brien, Bert Parks, Steve Allen, Joseph Cotten, Joel Grey and many others… and at various times I sat within a few of Mel Torme, Orson Welles, Paul Newman, William Holden and a number of other performers whom I can longer remember.

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Meeting Frank Zappa and Steve Morse and dong stage crew for them were highlights of my life. Meeting Eddie Murphy and him hitting on my girlfriend asking her to take off with h I’m in his limo was pretty sucky especially when he rufused to give us an autograph. The look on his face when I flipped him off as we walked away was priceless.

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I’m ashamed to answer after all the cool-ass answers above, but oh well…

In college, I met Robert Guillaume and spoke to him briefly after he gave a talk during Black History Month. He was very gracious, and quite the gentleman.

At book signings, I’ve met Paula Deen and Giada DiLaurentis. Paula Deen acted just like she did on the show, very warm and open. There was a rule at the book signing that she would only sign her name, nothing personal, because there were so many people in line. While she was signing my book, I mentioned how my daughter’s favorite dessert comes from one of her cookbooks. She asked my daughter’s name, and wrote a personal note to her as she signed the book. It was very nice. Giada was much quieter, but seemed nice. Up close, her skin is actually very bad. I don’t know how they hide it on TV, but she had wicked acne scars.

I also met Nelson DeMille at a book signing. He was quite funny.

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I was just browsing through Facebook and remembered one more. Not sure if this counts, because I knew him before he was semi-famous, but I went to high school with a guy named Josh Greene who’s hosted a couple of shows: Rally ‘Round the House and Ten Years Younger. He’s done a lot of voice-overs for commercials and one animated movie, and been in many stage productions. We were both in drama club and I was in a couple of plays with him. He’s also had brief appearances on TV shows like Frasier and Melrose Place. When he hosted Ten Years Younger, I used to watch that show and crack up because he was just the way I remembered him, same sense of humor and just a bit less hair.

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When I was once on American Bandstand in Philly I talked with Dick Clark. My friend wanted me to tell him it was her birthday so she could start the birthday dance and it worked.
We lived 2 houses down from Dallas Cowboy legend Bob Lilly 12 years ago. I met him several times and he was at the Christmas party next door where their best friends lived. I got bombed enough to ask him if I could have my picture taken with him and he said, “Sure! In front of the tree?” and I said, “No; in the hallway so his adorable wife snapped our picture. She delivered it to my doorstep the day we moved on her aluminum bike and I had it enlarged. Great people.

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@Austinlad Don’t underestimate young Jellies. There were only two names you mentioned that I didn’t know. (Jimmy Breslin and Pat O’Brien, if you’re interested.)

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Michael Palin is one of the coolest famous people I have met. I was too shy to really talk to him though so my dad had to do it for me.

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ok; just SAW: Fabian in concert 8 ft from me on stage at a school in Philly; Frankie Avalon performing on stage in our jr high auditorium; Pat Boone waved to me at a shopping ctr in Tyler;
I saw Sinbad outside our mall after a performance walking alone, I saw Bob Hope in an airport, Whitley Streiber signed his book for me at Book People in Austin (The Secret School )...

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Bravo, @MacBean. I sit corrected. Jimmy Breslin was and is a well-known newspaper columnist and author. Pat O-Brien was a wonderful actor whose heyday was in the 30’s-‘50s. He played coach Knute Rockne in a movie and made hundreds of others.

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@Austinlad Was Joel Grey as positively delightful in person as I imagine him? I fell for him during season one of the Muppet Show when he showed Gonzo how to give ‘em the ol’ Razzle Dazzle and have fallen for him many, many times since then :)

Also, even spotting Orson Welles from far away seems totally cool.

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I saw him do a one-man showat the Fairmont in Dallas, and because my then-wife was the P.R. Director, we got to attend an after-show party. He came in jeans and was very friendly to everyone. My Orson Welles story goes like this: I was sitting in a recording studio in L.A. when he stuck his head in and asked the engineer what time his session started. The engineer didn’t even turn around in his chair, but I sat there awe-struck. To this day I kick myself for not introducing myself.

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The guy that played Paulie from ‘Goodfellas’. I saw him in the Village years ago eating a hotdog at Papayas Hotdogs. He was really cool and spoke back when I recognized him.
I also met the brotha that played ‘Shazaa’ in a “Different World” years ago in downtown Brooklyn. This was when he still had dreadlocks (before CSI), you know the one with the green eyes? Anyway, I was in a restuarant eating and he passed by the window. Me and my sister ran out the place still chewing our food. We chased him down the block until he finally stopped. We just stood there admiring him asking him retarded questions. Gosh we were dumb back then. But to his credit he was nice to us.

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Ginuwine…an old R&B singer that was famous in 90’s and early 2000. I won a contest. He used to be my favorite Artist

Shia Lebeouf…I was at a movie premiere and waited for an autograph. I asked him for a pic and I hurried and took one…I MISSED and got a shot of his mouth! ARGH! LOL I regret it so badly…I even told myself to not mess up!

Johnny Depp…Another movie premiere. Fans went CRAaaaaaaaazy over him and it was a big fight to put up for an autograph. (My bf used to collect autographs and sell them)

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