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What is a great way to make money for a teenager with a semi full schedule?

Asked by amazingme (1850points) August 22nd, 2010

I am an upcoming senior (Hurray!) and I want to make some more money to start saving up. However, I teach (for very little, plus it’s not for long. I get like $36 paychecks) dance classes twice a week, I tutor elementary school children one afternoon for an hour, I have cello lessons one night a week for an hour. And (finally, haha) I volunteer feeding the homeless every Friday.

I know I have a busy schedule, but I want to make more money to save and so I can have more to spend. I also want to help pay for my expensive ($70 a lesson!!!) cello lessons.
Any recommendations?

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Sweetheart, there should be more young people like you. Wow. I’ll bet if you keep the pace at hand, and let folks know you’d like a bit more work, something will come up that’s just perfect for you.

I believe when you’re really trying to do the right things…it just works out. Good luck!

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Firstly, you can sell old junk. Perhaps have a garage sale or sell stuff on Ebay. You can even sell stuff for your parents and take a percentage.

You can work for yourself and do little things like babysit, walk dogs, mow lawns and shovel snow in the winter.

You could be a mystery shopper or write reviews for products. There are websites such as this one that pay you for your opinion.

If you know how to and if you’re good enough, you can make money blogging, designing websites or backgrounds/layouts for social networks such as Myspace.

Perhaps you can lifeguard at your local public swimming pool.

Or, just join something totally awesome like this. You never know who will pay you for your amazing talents. :)

Good luck!

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@MissA thanks, it’s stressful sometimes, but I love doing it all. :]

@Vunessuh Also thanks. That is ALL great advice. Selling stuff is exactly what I should do. I have so many things that I don’t need anymore, it’s crazy. That website is awesome! I have no clue why I’ve never heard of it!

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@Vunessuh said a lot of good stuff
couple days a week at Subway?
I don’t know you have such a busy schedule so far.
You have to have time for yourself. To be with friends and personal time,, and family of course.
That’s is mportant too.
Sometimes look under Craiglist or You will see sometimes eldery post someone to help them to the store and such. You sound old enough to get a job. But please don’t over do it.

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@Vunessah’s advice is great. You will want to purge your room before you leave for college, so doing it sooner rather than later means you will get to enjoy the spacious feel of less stuff for most of the year.

What about offering music lesson supervision for younger children for a fee? I would have loved to have been able to hire a teen to supervise my daughter’s piano lessons. Having someone to help her with reading music as she was learning would have reduced a lot of stress.

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dog walking…...

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Mow lawns, do driveways…

I used to shovel driveways all around the neighborhood for free, then people would pay me anyway. They insisted, even though I said it was alright. Then, if they didn’t pay us, we just didnt do their driveway again. :) Now a days you might get sued or something doing that, so you might offer to do it first.

When I was a senior in high school, I worked for a florist who set up for weddings. Arranging tables, flower arrangements, and other things like that. made 12 dollars an hour for 13 hour days. It was really good money.

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I’m betting you’re good with computers. Print up a flyer that offers computer assistance to people in the neighnorhood, especially seniors. And kudos to you for your ambition.

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Do you have younger siblings?? Send them out washing cars then hit them for fifty percent, after all, you’re the brain behind the business…… :-/
Make it seventy percent just to be fair…….. Business is Business Lol…….

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Yes, mow lawns. Wash cars.

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@mowens ABSOLUTELY…Just kidding. lol.
You guys gave me some great ideas, so thanks! I’m going to do all I can.
@Scooby Unfortunately, I am the last child out of five :[

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Bugger!! :-/
How about a garage sale, you can sell all your older siblings stuff while they’re at college :-)
De-cluttering the house too, your parents will be proud! ;-)

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@Scooby Yep, I am in the process of cleaning out all of my stuff I have laying around. I am going to sell them to the goodwill store near my house.

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Never mind all your stuff, what about that of your older siblings, ask them to offer things up too to help you out, you might be doing them a favour in the long run…. All credit to you & your initiative I hope you make a mint!! Don’t forget “charity begins at home” ;-)

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@Scooby Very true. Unfortunately many of them don’t live anywhere near by, :[
But the one that does, I will absolutely ask them. Thanks :D

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Wow! That is really impressive. Keep up the good work. But, if you really want more money, try babysitting. It is a ton of fun, if you make it so, and you can even do things you like to do, just with a kid younger than you. And you get paid fore it!

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@15acrabm Yeah I babysit the next door neighbors’ kids and they LOVE to hang out with my friends. :D

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