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What can I read on the Web that will teach me the ins and outs of Android?

Asked by Joe_Freeman (504points) August 23rd, 2010

I’m planning on getting an Android-based smartphone soon and I’d like to know how to use the operating system well, not to the extent of becoming an application developer, but at least to be an expert user. I searched Google for Android users guides and such but haven’t found anything that’s been informative and also fun to read. A book would be okay but I’d prefer some online sources that are very up-to-date. My phone will very likely run 2.1 or 2.2.

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Here’s a list of articles that I found useful when making the switch to Android (from an iPhone)

The best place to start would the be Beginner’s Guide to Android on Androinica. There’s a stack of great articles up on the site and they’re adding more to it all the time. I’d recommend this article ’Common questions and answers for the Android beginner’ and also this list of the best 60 apps.

A Practical Guide to Android on Techland gives you a well written overview of improvements made the the OS since it began development, some guides to the skins on some versions of Android, the phones on offer (a bit outdated now) and also info on how the OS works.

Newbie Guide to Google Android is more focused on the architecture of the Android OS and how it works, it’s not essential reading for the everyday user, but I think it’s an interesting read nonetheless.

Much as I dislike Gawker Media, Lifehacker has a decent article on switching from iPhone to Android that is also a good read for the non-iPhone user too.

Also this thread on Reddit has a ton of tips and tricks that your average web blog won’t have.

I hope this helps – and I hope you decide to get on the Android train, it’s a really promising platform. I would like to say that you should avoid Motorola’s ‘MotoBLUR’ if you can, it is probably the worst version of Android out there and really limits your phone’s possibilities.

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