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Have you ever performed in front of an audience?

Asked by second_guessing (923points) August 23rd, 2010

What were you doing?

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Yes, but it might not be what you mean. For several years, I ran a workshop for new hotel managers. The classroom was the stage; the participants were the audience. I was the director and MC, and all the presenters were the actors, myself included.

Our goal was to deliver a message about a certain topic, get their buy-in and sometimes change their beliefs or management style. We held casting calls and tryouts. Someone can be knowledgeable on a topic, but it doesn’t mean they have the talent or desire to speak in public. It was a wonderful experience.

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Yes; I took acting classes once a week in jr high in a downtown auditorium. We performed Little Women and I was Jo. The theater was packed.

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Yes, I have been in plays. I have given seminars. I have sung.

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Yes, many times—giving presentations, lecturing to classes, leading large meetings, and a few times on stage.

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I have been in a chorus or choir on and off since about fourth grade, so there were audiences for those. As well, I am a trainer, and have taught school, so I frequently have an audience.

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Not on purpose ;)

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I was in two plays, and have lead several training courses. This makes me both awesome and amazing. I have no way to end this post, so I will just take a small bow. ::takes a small bow::

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Yes, when I was 10. I had to play a flute recital (solo). I messed up part way through and just winged it for a bit (played a random melody of notes for 5 seconds). No one noticed ;-) (yes, they did). I finished, they clapped, then I curtsied and quickly got my tiny arse off of the stage.

Jethro Tull, I was not.

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Church choir for several years, school choir for nine years, drama club for four years, two semesters of acting in college… Totally flunked that second semester of acting, though, because that’s when my agoraphobia developed and I stopped being able to force myself to get out of the car when I got to the campus, let alone get up on stage.

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Oh; we’re counting choirs? Anyhow, @MacBean I am so sorry; you have to be there to know how painful that feels.

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@Aster It can be any kind of performance you wish.

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I’m not sure if speaking is considered performing, so I’ll leave that out…

I’ve played in several bands in front of people:
—a punk rock band when I was in high school
—a five piece jazz cover band when I was in high school
—a hardcore band when I was in high school
—an acoustic open mic set with a friend a few months ago

Also I’ve been in 4–5 elementary school plays.

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ok; church choir from first grade until junior high and school choir in high school (with one brief solo lol ).

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When I’m working at someone’s home they often like to watch. It’s when they want to help is when I get the jitters.

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Well i’ve ran & won in front of a fairly large crowd & played football in similar circumstances. Does that count? Affirmative say I.

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church choir, handbells, marching band
College as a music major, sr recital
bands on keyboards –
directed musicals

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@ucme I forgot about sports.

Add football (American), basketball, and tennis to the list, then.

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@jfos Can’t leave sports out of the equation. Too important, well relatively speaking.

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@ucme You were definitely on the ball.

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Oh yes, and I was Confirmed at 14. Forgot half the speech my dad had written for me.

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Yes, I was in choir in elementary school. I also got a concussion in front of an audience. When your choir instructor tells you not to lock your knees whilst standing and performing for long periods of time, they mean it. I toppled from the back row over several other kids until – smack – I had a concussion. On the plus side, not too many people can say they got injured in choir. I’m unique.

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I sing in front of fairly large audiences on a regular basis.

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I’ve made presentations before hundreds, performed in plays, band, and choirs, but the worst was I injured a small child in high school. Playing on the basketball team, an errant pass and a stretch over the bleachers and I smacked a little kid in the face with an elbow.

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Oh, yes, @Austinlad , I was confirmed at 14 too in my white dress in front of the church. I doubt my dad showed up. LOL
We’re really reaching now, aren’t we. How about “I swept a stage in 1957?”

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Yes, for band. I played clarinet and alto saxophone. not at the same time of course ;) I was first chair, so I had to play many solos.

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I have performed in front of audiences in several different capacities quite a few times since childhood: I’ve sung solo and in choirs, MC’ed shows, presentations and assemblies, did long-form improv for 2 years, comedic acting of sketches I’ve written, dramatic acting, wrote and performed a one-woman show, and most recently, I did a storytelling show in June.

In high school, I won awards and got my varsity letter in forensics. Huh. Apparently, I should probably be acting, now that I’m seeing all the stuff I’ve already done.

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Yes. As a child and teen I was involved in drama, voice and dance.

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@lucillelucillelucille Your answer was so cheeky. I love it ;)

I was terrified of performing in front of others when I was young. The first thing I ever had to do before a bit audience, was deliver one of the valedictorian speeches in middle school. I recited an original poem in its stead and received polite applause.

In high school, I signed myself up for drama and could not figure out why I had decided to do that to myself. I was a background character in the The Pearl and performed several song and dance numbers (despite being terrible at both singing and dancing) for a Broadway Showcase at the end of the year. I also recited poetry each year during the Talent Show and placed second once (and won $50 for it!)

During my junior year, I was in The Odd Couple. I received very kind reviews for it. Working with the underclassmen on that play was one of the best things I ever did in high school. It was wonderful.

I’m not about to get on stage again, but I have read my written works at conventions and that’s always such a treat. People have shown me nothing but kindness and given me pointers on how to improve both my speaking ability in front of audiences (ironically, I’m fine on stage but petrified on ground level) and my writing.

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I’ve been performing on stage for 40 years in plays, choirs, and public speaking. I love being in plays.

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@muppetish That’s our lucille. :D

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I was a former stripper.NO Just kidding. I was in the play Toby Tyler in 8th grade play I was the main clown. I was in the play the Tempest. ( I think that was it) I was a dancer and and I had one line it was” Utopia. ”

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I had tap dancing lessons when I was little, and later performed for talent shows and school events.

Beyond that though, nothing more than singing Dragula at a karaoke night while all drunk. >_>

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