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What constitutes a good pizza?

Asked by mowens (8367points) August 23rd, 2010

What makes the best pizza? Thin crust? Think crust? spicy sauce? Sweet sauce? Give me the details of your ideal pizza!

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Thin stone baked crust, smothered in BBQ chicken and jalapeƱos…Hmmmm Piiiizzzzaaa.(Homer Simpson Voice)

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Garlic crust (with the fixins).

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A deep-dish crust with plenty of sauce.

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For my taste, it’s thin stone-baked crust and just the right amount of tomato sauce and really good cheese.

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A good pizza starts with good cheese. Good cheese and bad sauce is acceptable. Good sauce with bad cheese is unacceptable.

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Amen, @jfos. Couldn’t agree more.

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Anyone ever hear of Mellow Mushroom pizza?

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Cheese that stretches one foot, when you pull a piece to serve yourself. also, an inch-high serving of toppings does not hurt, either.

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I really don’t care what type of crust it has, but it must have lots of sweet sauce and Sriracha.

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I had an excellent pizza recently that was made with fresh spinach, Italian sausage, fresh tomatoes, mozzarella and ricotta cheese.

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Thin crispy crust, many kinds of cheeses and magic mushrooms,

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I like a not-too-thin crust that’s somewhat chewy, fresh mozz, a tangy and not sweet sauce, basil and oregano. And great sausage.

But Grimaldi’s is expensive and choked with tourists, so it’s a rare treat.

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The best pizza has lots of pepperoni (round), black olives, mushrooms, peppers, sausage, no spinach, and no mustard. The only tomatoes on the pizza is the sauce.

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I like pizza if it’s prepared right. To me the best pizza has a thin soft crust with lots of good quality cheese (a lot of it!) and a generous amount of sauce. Too little sauce makes the pizza dry and brittle and the slices should be HUGE so when you pick it up it bends over backwards with juicy saucy cheesy goodness! It should be really garlicky and flavorful right out of the oven. I dislike when it’s so bland that I spend 10 minutes seasoning it with pepper, garlic and oregano after it’s served. Sun dried tomatoes, spinach, thinly sliced mushrooms and black olives are a plus but if it’s good pizza it will stand up all on it’s own (I don’t eat meat but veggie sausage is good too). I haven’t had pizza in a while because the cheese upsets my stomach but ocassionally I will throw caution to the wind and ‘treat’ myself.

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Think crust, lots and lots of good cheese, a sauce with a relatively low ratio of tomato paste to sauce, and a good selection of toppings.

Black olives, green pepper, onion, roma tomatoes, spinach, and grilled chicken would be perfect.

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I looove me some stuff crust. And I agree. Cheese is key.

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Good water.

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@stranger_in_a_strange_land Bring some of your homebrew, and it’s a deal.

That was meant to be “thin”, not “think”, though I’m not opposed to a Sicilian-style pie every now and then.

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Two full spoons of oil in the mix for the base, which has to be spread thin, fresh tomato sauce, fresh high quality mozzarella cheese (not the kind made for pizza, which is shit), cooked in an oven that runs on wood, not on gas or electricity, to the point where the cheese is more or less homogeneous and the base is soft but slightly crunchy.

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Thin crust, I like brooklyn style. a little sauce, extra cheese and olive, sausage, onion and mushroom. with parm and red pepper flakes. Yum

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Thin crust, lots of very stretchy funky cheese, garlic-y sauce.
For my toppings: onions, bell peppers, mushrooms.

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Thick base, and it must NOT be burned at ALL! (sometimes they overcook it just a tad so that the cheese turns brown, that just makes me moody). It must also have lots of cheese on it – a cheeseless pizza doesn’t qualify as a pizza in my books. And it must have a sweetish BBQ sauce on it – i’ve found those to be the best for pizzas. Lastly, my favourite pizza has extra cheese, mushrooms, onions and fresh tomato on it.

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