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Do dogs enjoy it when you scratch their back?

Asked by molave (147points) August 23rd, 2010

Whenever I scratch my dog’s back his hind leg propellers, which is to be expected I suppose, but sometimes so much that he loses his balance and topples over. I’m wondering if I harm him when I do this. Is the propeller a sign that he wants me stop or go on?

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I have owned many dogs and yes they love to have their back scratched. if you think about it, this is the only location that a dog cannot scratch and they welcome it. my border collie is a classic example. when i scratch his back he either: 1. freezes in one location for the scratching to continue or 2. he submits all and collapses on the floor begging for more.

Its perfectly normal for a dog to want its back scratched. i am no dog, but i enjoy a back scratch, just like Mikey my border collie. and no, Mikey did not tell me this.

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My parents old dog loves it…he drools and Grrr’s mid flow.

I doubt dogs enjoy it as much as me though :)

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If the dog doesn’t like it I’m sure it wouldn’t just sit there and let you do it. In my experience with dogs it means they like it :)

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They appear to.

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They generally like it.

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Good points all. Guess I was just concerned about the violence of his kickback Thanks guys!

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Mine loves it. She particularly likes it when I scratch her upper back and the back of her neck. She’ll bend and twist her little body so that I can get just the right spots. :-)

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@mowens That kick is an involuntary reflex when you hit certain spots.

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Dogs are more at ease if you scratch their chest. When you reach over their head to scratch their back or pet them on the top of the head, they can’t see where your hand is going. Some dogs get nervous about that.

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Mine does.
My cats do too.They let me know when they’ve had enough by scratching my eyes out.
not really…they are sweet,gentle souls :)

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I have 3 different hair brushes for back and chest brushing. My dogs and cats love to be brushed.

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My little one did…..and she loved her tummy to be scratched especially. She would be ecstatic!

I miss her

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someone please stratch mine!

Sadie will come up to me and i’ll start petting her and she will turn around everytime wanting me stratch her back. Oh course i do.

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Plenty of pet lovers on Fluther… That’s a good sign.

Thanks everyone for the great replies.

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This video should answer your question. This guy figures out a way to get it done even when there are no agreeable humans nearby.

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depends on the dog, but it sounds like your dog loves it!

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