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What colour is the moon?

Asked by flutherother (29401points) August 23rd, 2010

I have asked this question in real life and been surprised to find that people could not agree on an answer. So I ask you. What colour is the moon?

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I think it’s grey.

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Gray. It’s all ash and dust. The reason it looks white at night is because of the sun shining onto it so brightly, and the reason it looks yellow near the horizon and during “harvest moon” times is because of the atmosphere.

The darker, mottled parts of the surface are called “lunar terrae”—moon lands—and the lighter parts are called “lunar marea”—moon seas.

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yep, i’ll have to agree. the moon is definitely gray. the ash on the moon is a lighter gray and the rocks are much darker gray. I imagine that there is probably a certain percentage of the rocks up on the moon that are also closer to black as well.

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I like it when it turns red.

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Not sure.
How tall do you think I am?? XD

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@lucillelucillelucille You’re this tall and your hair looks great!

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@Trillian-TY! Can I borrow a brush?? XD

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It ranges from #736F6E to #504A4B to #150517 with the occasional #EDE275.

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I think you must be standing on a box lucillelucillelucille and you have not answered my question

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I agree with grey. I wish it were tie-dyed…can you imagine?

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Tie-dyed moonlight would be amazing on snow or on the beach.

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Perhaps if you are standing on the surface of the moon looking at it through a space helmet it may appear grey but surely not when seen from Earth?

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Gray with darker spots that creates the “man in the moon!”

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Grey but sometimes it looks really yellow, or red-(blood moon) and sometimes blue.

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