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How can I use the rest of this beef mixture?

Asked by Seek (34769points) August 23rd, 2010

I had an urge to make something brand new for lunch today. Got everything mixed up and ready to go, and started boiling my jiaozi (Chinese dumplings).

Never have I experienced such a fail of epic proportions.

My test batch tasted like a bunch of pencil erasers dipped in ginger and soy sauce. I’ve never been good at pie crust, so I blame it on the same principal.

So, now I have about 2 cups of a beef, onion, and cabbage mixture. I don’t want it to go to waste… what can I do?

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That might make some interesting tacos. I haven’t tried them with cabbage but why not?

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Sounds like soup to me. Do you have bouillon?

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Add some tomato sauce and the appropriate spices for either stuffed peppers or stuffed cabbage.

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can you put it into cabbage leaves, pour tomato sauce on top, cover and bake? Sounds delicious to me but I love cabbage. (-:

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Oh, I did just realize that you didn’t specify how the ingredients were cut. Is this ground beef?

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I’m in camp taco/burrito.

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Yes, it’s ground beef, and a very fine mixture. It was meant to be stuffed into dumplings.

Asian tacos…. intriguing…

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Yum! What great leftovers!
Put it on a hamburger bun and make an Asian sloppy Xoe.
Or… Oooo! How about making deviled eggs but insted of filling with cholesterol laden yolks, you fill it with cholesterol laden ground beef?
I’d eat that!

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“Sloppy Xoes”... ROFL.

I really like that devilled egg idea. Like, a lot.

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I agree with @tedibear. Sutffed cabbage rolls would be great cooked in the tomato sauce.

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@worriedguy – Sloppy Xoes! LoL!

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Put a little Chinese mustard on the bun instead of ketchup.
Have a small side dish of low sodium soy sauce nearby so you can dip the bun in before biting.
A mug of green tea would perfectly compliment the meal.

I can almost taste it. Hey, can I come over?

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@worriedguy Absolutely. I’ll pull up another chair. ^_^

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Curious to know what you end up making and how it turns out. :)

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How about some eggrolls?

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Meatballs! Roll them up into balls, fry, add spicy tomato sauce and bingo!
Sounds like you can do loads with the mix…I like the stuffed peppers idea too :-)

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Stuff it into bell peppers, japanese eggplants, zuccinis and tomatoes to roast or roll out some dough and make pockets to pan fry and serve us with sour cream or spicy salsa.

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I was thinkin meatballs too.

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Stuff peppers with it.

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