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Do you find that people who tend to boast about their accomplishments and continually say how wonderful they are, are overcompensating? That they're lacking in some other area?

Asked by Jude (32134points) August 23rd, 2010

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Usually, but not necessarily the rule.
Depends on how the boasting is being applied.

And usually it is an insecurity of some sort.

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I’ll answer this just as soon as I’m finished rescuing this box of kittens. On my day off from my very important job. While wearing my very expensive Manolo Blahniks….

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And yes, low self-esteem/insecurity usually.

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they are trying to set the tone. They will assume if they say it enough times it will be taken as the facts. That is until they do something that more or less disproves their assertions or causes enough doubt to cause their claims to fall apart. And then the excuses will follow. They really want the respect on the front end of things instead of earning it. Those who feel the most insecure seem to demand the most respect. I have worked with that ilk before many times and it’s so entertaining to let them hang themselves with their own rope.

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Accomplishments? Rarely. I either believe them on their word or they have back-up.
How wonderful they are? Since that is strictly a matter of opinion (or is backed up by awards), I take it with a grain of salt.

People that tend to brag are hard to put up with because there is a knee-jerk reaction to compare them to myself. It doesn’t necessarily mean that they are overcompensating. Sometimes it’s just a lack of tact.

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Yes,and they should be beaten with their own arm XD

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@lucillelucillelucille lmao. Great visual. :)

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I say beat them with their leg.

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In my long experience I have found that people who make an ostentatious effort to convince others have yet to fully convince themselves. It shows insecurity for sure. There are those who are simply wonderful, it is apparent, and there is no need for them to say anything. When they are naturally modest as well that is the quality I love the most.

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Their arms are too busy handing cash to the homeless. @ChazMaz is correct…legs.

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@lucillelucillelucille because their arm would be the best arm to do the trick?

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Quite often, yes!

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I think that is true, and even more obvious in online communities. Blowing your own horn, I believe it is called. But the experts on everything are always good for a chuckle so who cares, let them blow away (no pun intended).

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I agree with @woodcutter that they’re trying to set the tone and if they lead enough times then others will fall in line and accept what’s boasted about as default whether or not it’s backed out. For me the argument becomes what’s arrogance versus confidence.

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People who are secure and confident don’t feel the need to boast and rub their accomplishments in other people’s faces. Insecure people feel the need to remind you all the time to distract from their inadequacies.

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I am awesome at answering questions like this. Yes.

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I don’t try to analyze it; I just consider them a putz.

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I agree, usually a measure of insecurity, but…it can go the other way as well.

I have a friend who really struggles with envies and jealousies and can be absolutely so with holding when it comes to ever showing any enthusiasm or complementing others for their happy moments or accomplishments.

Either/or, it’s a suckey way to be. Classic ‘must suck to be you’ thing. haha

I love to give complements to others, sincere of course!

Guess I am pretty secure. lol

I think we should all remember to complement our friends and even strangers…spread around some good vibes!

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I like to be good at alot of things, but I typically don’t boast. I just show people what I can do and they’ll be the ones to decide if it’s boastworthy or not. If so, maybe I’ll come around. Everybody likes to be liked. And sure, it helps to be liked for who you are instead of what you do. But I think I was born in the wrong time period. I’m sure people would flock to me if I’d been born approximately 12 years before the great depression. ;)

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Yes they are usually the ones that size matters and they will never ever figure out why either.

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It might just be a lack of social skills. Some people blurt out whatever is in their head without any thought that it might be viewed as self-promotional. Guilty as charged. In the “real” world my mouth is usually firmly shut.

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Either overcompensating, or they’re just an attention whore.

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