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Easy ways to stay cool?

Asked by zwingli (606points) August 23rd, 2010

On a hot day what is an easy way to stay cool?

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Hawaiian shirts. They’re always cool

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cider beer… on ice… with a straw.

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Buy a motorbike. Don’t matter how hot it is, when your going at 100 you always feel cold

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White T-shirt black leather jacket & tight 501’s just like the fonz……… :-/


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Jump in a pool (this isn’t an option for me, sadly.)

From my experience, there is no sure-fire, easily-enacted way to remain cool during hot days. It’s why I detest them. The easiest thing to do is run the AC during the peak of heat (usually late in the afternoon) so the house will cool down for the rest of the evening. We leave it running for a couple hours and then turn it off.

Fans are better than an AC for keeping cool throughout the day without running up any bills. Have two types: a large one that will circulate air throughout the room and a smaller one you can keep nearby and pointed just at you. We only run these in rooms occupied by bodies.

Other smaller things: a nice cold shower is lovely, wear minimal and loose clothing, stay hydrated with water, have a bottle of water you can mist your face with (you can purchase these cheap – mistymates aren’t worth the money), and you can never beat ice cold treats (I enjoy raspberry sorbet the most.)

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Put cold water on a major artery, like the one on your wrists or neck.

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Wet a t-shirt, wringe it out, and wear it.
Or do the same with a sheet and put it over you when you go to sleep.

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Cool shower and lie down on the bed (naked), arms and legs spread and have a fan pointing directly at you. When it starts to get warm again, mist yourself with cool water.

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rebbel and muppetish have the right idea. Basically, cold showers and particularly going swimming lower your core body temperature. Notice how when you first get in the pool, the water feels freezing, then after a while it feels warm, and once you try to get out you’re freezing again. That’s why that happens. Going swimming is the most foolproof way to do it. However.. a few small things to do if you’re like me and have no a/c…
Buy a giant fan and put it in your window. Face it out during the day and in at night. Keeps hot air out, pulls cool air in, and voila.. gotcherself a pretty chill room. I always wanted to just.. turn over a giant fridge, turn it on low, take out the shelves and put a mattress in there. Maybe a little tube goin out so I’d have some oxygen. Booyah. Cryogenic sleep chamber. =D

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poor man’s air conditioning:
required: air conditioning, bucket of ice.
1. place bucket in front of fan
2. turn fan on, stand/sit/lounge/snooze in the resulting breeze

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Open your windows. Or go to public places(like plaza,supermarket,hospital,library,etc),they will provide you with free air conditioner and you don’t even have to pay for it.

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@LocoLuke bucket of ground up ice and salt.

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If you have central air conditioning, invest in an electronic thermostat that you can set to automatically change the temperature based upon the time of the day. It’s easier (and cheaper from what I hear) to cool down a dwelling that is warm vs. hot.

If you have a ceiling fan, make sure it is set to spin in the right direction. There typically is a switch for when you want to push hot air down or draw it up.

@daytonamisticrip offers good advice. I’ve wet a washcloth and put a few ice cubes in it, then used it on my neck.

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I didn’t say ice did i? You could give yourself frostbite. Just put a cold water soaked scarf round your neck or wrists.

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@daytonamisticrip Correct…you didn’t say ‘ice’; I did. I’ve done it several times in the past month, and am still here to tell the tale.

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@Pied_Pfeffer I wouldn’t put ice on a major blood vessel or artery you could give yourself frostbite or kill yourself.

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