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When you make your own pizza, do you ever use themes with the toppings?

Asked by free_fallin (4429points) August 23rd, 2010

(Or when you’re ordering pizza.)

I have several themes based on my mood, the date, etc. Tonight was red toppings night so I had sun-dried tomatoes and red peppers. If I eat pizza in October I always do, then it generally has a Halloween-like theme. I’ll use all black toppings like black olives, black beans and eggplant (it’s dark purple!). St. Patrick’s day is full of green and so on with holidays and other dates.

Am I the only one? I like my food to look playful.

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I don’t make my own pizza. There’s too much good pizza around to choose from.

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I’ve done “flavor” themes. The most obvious would be Hawaiian (ham and pineapple), but there’s also Greek (kalamata olives and feta), French (herbs and bits of brie), Smoked (some applewood smoked turkey breast, roasted red peppers and smoked gouda), and “whatever’s fresh from the garden today” (varies). Mr. Laureth likes his Carnivore Special (pepperoni, bacon, sausage, ham, ground beef, basically any animal flesh I can cram on there).

Homemade pizza night is every Thursday in the Laureth household.

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@SeventhSense Note the very first sentence in the details regarding when you order pizza.

@laureth All of those sound delicious.

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Ok in that case anything other than pepperoni, sausage, peppers, meatballs, mushrooms or extra cheese is blasphemous. Verse 1 in the pizza bible.
Contained In the sacred vault in Brooklyn.

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No I don’t. I’m sort of a purist. I think homemade crust tastes sooo good and with the right sauce, and good monterey jack cheese, it really needs nothing else. Except maybe some mushrooms!

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Um, no. I sometime have thin crust and no cheese. I sometimes like ham and pineapple. Sometimes pepperoni and onion Sometimes sausage and pepperoni. Or ham, pepperoni and green olives. I had never considered a “theme” and I hate to look at the pie in the commercial with the word “go” spelled out in pepperonis. I admit that I’m weird. The word really bothers me for some reason, and I know that it is not rational.

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Yes I agree but Monterey Jack? It must be fresh Mozarella
What is this Italian via Wisconsin? Blasphemer!!

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Pineapples on pizza is reserved for a very distant corner of Dante’s hell. This travesty must be brought before the Sicilian council.

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I usually throw anything and everything on it that might go bad in the near future. I call it the garbage theme. Lots of colors

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I think it’s hilarious that you theme your food. I’m so uncreative like that and it never occurred to me.. usually, I’m thinking mainly about what it’ll taste like, looks come secondary.

I’ve made and ordered tons of pizza, but I think you get the award for creativity.

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@SeventhSense Oh yeah? Coming from Che with a picture or Bart on his chest doesn’t really mean all that much. So there. I’ll thee your thilly thithillian couthil and raithe you a tower in pitha. ;-P

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Will you rise or sink in the marinara. This is only a question the Inquisitor can answer.
I will pray for you

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@MissAnthrope Haha! Thanks. I make sure it tastes good, too! I just like themes. There’s something satisfying about eating pizza that looks good, fun and tastes yummy.

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Themed pizza – what will they think up next?

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@SeventhSense no no. go have a pizza with monterey jack and it will bombard your senses and blow your mind. go go go !

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No. I like plain typically. Sometimes I add mushrooms or sausage. I guess since I grew up eating pizza by the slice in a neighborhood parlor I never became accustomed to all of these new fangled choices.

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@SeventhSense you know what I’m talking about, right?

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@JLeslie Yeah – I’m a NJ pizza purist too; mushrooms, green peppers, sausage, pepperoni are all fine but not newfangled stuff.

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My theme is “what’s in the fridge”. Usually mushrooms, onions and olives.

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@downtide Damn you! You took my answer!

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You know that won’t work. I lost my mind years ago.
Yes the council approves.

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I was always told.. “Never play with your food” but if I buy Alfa – betty spaghetti, I still try to spell dirty words :-/
Guess there’s still a kid in me after all…….MMMM!!

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No themes. I go for pure flavor. People say looks are part of taste. I say fuck that. Close your eyes and eat it, dammit.

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