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Do you still own a VCR as part of your electronics collection or did you discard it?

Asked by jca (36043points) August 23rd, 2010

i still own a VCR and i just discovered a bunch of brand new children’s movies that my daughter is now watching. i am wondering if even owning a VCR is a rarity now, or if most people have kept theirs. Do you still have a VCR? do you still have VCR tapes at all?

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I still have a VCR because I had transferred all our home movies to VHS. I guess I now need to transfer them to DVD’s.

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VHS is coming back. I’ve still got one and I buy a lot of old movies on VHS because it’s cheaper and sometimes it’s easier to find them.

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I had a VCR up until about 2 years ago when it broke. At that point, I gave all of my VHS tapes away to someone that still had a working VCR. Most of what I had on VHS I had gotten on DVD, so I didn’t see the point in buying a new VCR.

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I kept mine even after getting a DVR so I can sometimes tape stuff for other people. We’re all old enough that we keep everything.

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Never owned one, also not a dvd player (except now for the one in the laptop).
I do still have two old walkmans.

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@py_sue : Tag sales are Great for acquiring cheap tapes of movies you don’t want to pay alot for…cheaper than renting!

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I got rid of mine five years ago when I moved homes. I didn’t own more than ten tapes, though.

Library and rental movies were mostly DVD by that time, I left the VCR at the local Salvation Army store.

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Our last VCR went out commission about six months ago. We gave it to a family friend who loves tinkering with electronics in his spare time.

We still have all our tapes. I don’t know what my mum plans to do with them.

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My VHS player has been gone for 10 years at least.

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Yes, I have three of them sitting underneath each of the tvs in the house but I’m not sure if any of them or actually still hooked up. they just sit there, where they’ve always been. I suppose I should just keep the best one and get rid of the rest. You never know when the old technology might come in handy. And…. there’s also a betamax player in the attic and a couple of computers that take 51/4 in floppies up there somewhere too. They were my dad’s.

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I never had a VHS player. I lived with people who had one or one was available was in the apartments I rented. One of my roommates has a DVD/VHS combo, but no one ever uses it.

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We had a DVD/VCR combo player that I hadn’t touched in near 5yrs. Now we pretty much watch DVD’s through an X-box player or in the laptop.

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I got rid of mine because it stopped working and have never gotten around to buying a new one. I have a huge collection of old movies on VCR. Think I’ll get one tomorrow.

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we have a DVD/ VCR recorder so we could move our home movies to DVD someday, whenever we learn how to do it. Sits right beside our N64 and the Pioneer Spec- 4 and spec-1 power amps, between the Heresey’s.

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fuck yeah! all my favorite movies from 5+ years ago are on VHS and i’m not dumb enough to buy them all again on DVD. and then on blu-ray. and my favorite movies from a while ago still make up most of my favorite movies list so….rock on vcr

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Not anymore. I gave away my VCR and 13” TV via Freecycle last December, as I was preparing my cross-country move. I had to cram my mounds of junk into a tiny trailer, so I ended up purging stuff that I’d been carting around with me for years. I realized that I couldn’t remember the last time I’d used the TV or the VCR. I pretty much download or rent stuff to watch on my laptop cause it has a big screen.

I hope I made some kid happy!

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I don’t have one and as far as I know, my parents don’t either. Most of the movies I had on VHS were kiddie movies and the important ones I got DVDs of. Home videos have either been transferred to DVDs or are on special tapes that play through a video recorder.

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I have somewhere in the neighborhood of 700 movies on tape, that I don’t have on DVD yet. I am in no rush to replace them.

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I have a VCR hooked to the TV. I have watched 2 movies on it in the last 5 years.

I have a DVD player still in its box. I have never actually put a DVD into a DVD player, ever.

I have never owned a cell phone, but I do make yarn with a spinning wheel.

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Yep! I still have a VCR and a book lamp and book marks too!

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yes… I use for recording shows on the second t.v.

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My DVD player has a VCR built in. I still use it.

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Yes we do have the VCR and the tapes. But the VCR had a malfunction a few years ago and we did not bother to get it fixed as it was costing too much to get it fixed… guess we could buy 4 DVD players with that amount today :)

The user manual was so unfriendly that it took us 1.5 years after we bought it, to actually learn the Recording feature :)) ... but that was 15 years ago

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I have three of them; I like videos better than DVDs.

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We still have one. My husband has a lot of old movies on tape, and I don’t know if he’ll ever replace all of them with DVDs. We’ve probably used it once in two years.

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Mine is still on the shelf above the TV. The DVD player sits on top. We still have many VHS tapes including our home movies. It is rarely used – generally to record a TV show.

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Got rid of mine when it stopped working, and I never bothered replacing it.

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I got a VCR, actuallery, I got four of them, just in case one packs it in. I got about 150 VHS orignal movie tapes. I just finished watching a movie, just this minute, “The Thomas Crown Affair”. I’ve been thinking whether to discard my VHS tapes and replace them with DVD original titles but as one person once told me, “you can kick a VHS tape under the bed for six months and when you want to play it, it’s still at the exact same spot where you stopped playing.”

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