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What is your number one pet-peeve?

Asked by Mom2BDec2010 (2666points) August 23rd, 2010

Whats everyone’s pet-peeve?

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A dirty kitchen.

I’m a total slob. My room is embarrassing. I don’t even have sheets on my bed.

But scrape your plate and rinse it off before putting it in the damn sink.


Bad drivers—-
People who speed and cut in front of you, or who tail-gate you.
People who ignore the rules of the road and think they own the road to themselves without consideration of others.
Road ragers.
Young sh*theads (punks) and in speeding cars and pick-up trucks.
Some young women who think “they’re all that” fluffing their hair and fixing their makeup while driving like morons.

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People that are rude and ignorance.

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Bad drivers
People that use imaginary words, like “irregardless” or “a-whole-nother”

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lazy people who take shortcuts or neglect to do the right thing because they want to save time. Either knowingly omit efforts needed to do good work out of apathy or just not completing the work properly because they don’t know any better. And flat bill wearing white boys next to me in their car blasting hip- hop so loud it disturbs my prostate. I think that’s it.

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The America that I knew and loved slowly being turned into a Corporatocracy.

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Spitting. It drives me absolutely out of my mind to see folks spitting, it is just gross and seems so unsanitary.

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No one has said mine yet, I hate when people pee on the toilet seat. I just wanna rip someone’s head off when they do that.
And I hate people that act ignorant just because they’re with the person that they’re hanging out with. My little sister does that, and I can’t stand it.

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Drivers talking on cell phones.

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If I have to wait on you over and over….and if you have atrocious grammar once you arrive.

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People who pick their nose while I’m talking to them. Please wait until you are alone.

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ignorance and stupidity. Liars. males that wear their pants down around their ankles. rudeness. people with no manners.

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loud cell phone talkers. no i am not impressed and hurry up and get out of my way you idiot on a cell phone. oh and I am totally with @seek kolinar i super hate ‘irregardless’ and ‘orientate’ etc

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* Dog poop in my yard or on the sidewalk in general
* Toenail clippings that are left behind by someone else (and the person who cuts hers at work at her cubicle desk)
* Used paper clips scattered all over the counter in the mail room
* Trash being deliberately thrown out of a car window

Hmm, there seems to be a common theme here. Chalk it up to 11 years of being in the Girl Scouts with the lesson of “leave a place cleaner than you found it.”

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Cell phones in restaurants….almost as bad as smoking.

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Public toilets. Why don’t people flush? OMG Seriously.

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I hate it when people mix up irony with coincidence.
Dear annoying girls at school,
It is not ironic that you and your friend ended up wearing the same colored dress at prom!

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@amazingme * applauds *

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Small talk. Superficiality. People screaming about Jesus and hell and such in public.

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@Simone_De_Beauvoir Small talk is so awkward! I don’t know why people feel the need to try to force conversations.

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