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Are music CD players for the home stereo systems being sold anymore?

Asked by woodcutter (16294points) August 23rd, 2010

Not the battery powered discman or the classic ghetto blaster machines. The ones that plug into the amp inputs via RCA sound cables in the den. A remote will usually be included. We are using a DVD player that will do essentially the same thing but is covered in buttons that have nothing to do with playing tunes.

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Top of the line stuff, or cheap? Google your favourite manufacturers for their websites.

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I haven’t taken much time to look. Since that technology is probably not going to get any upgrades and other mediums are close now, it doesn’t seem to make sense to get a top of the line player. My old one bought in 1986 was pretty inexpensive and it finally quit about a year ago. I would still expect to find them in department stores but no, everything seems to be for home theater applications which I am too old to understand or care about. I just want to hit play and hear music, like the old days. I may try hitting the pawn shops but it’s hit or miss with used electronics. Usually when things like this start to go out of style you will still see the high end products available but not so much middle of the line average players. I doubt I will be able to really tell much difference in sound quality from a $120.00 model and one that costs $500.00. It’s all still a laser pick-up right?

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@jaytkay Ty that looks pretty good- bookmarked

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Sure, not only CD players but turntables for vinyl discs are still being made.

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DVD Players play CD’s. Put a cd in and try it. Look on the player, it should have an icon or image that says “Compact Disc Digital Video”. This refers to VCD’s but Audio CD’s can be played, as well.

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Of course they are! Check or ebay. Amazon is most likley to have solid manufacturers and good shipping rates to get packages to you and such.

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