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What is labor and delivery like?

Asked by kkcope123 (71points) August 23rd, 2010

i am 5 months prengant and this is my first child i am having. i am really scared to go into giving birth.. any advice??

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I just had this conversation with a patient’s (of mine) daughter – you can’t predict your labor and it will happen one way or another so you might as well just give up the anxiety and figure billions of people have given birth and you will get through it no matter how difficult it’ll all be. I can’t tell you how your labor will go because each of us can only tell you how our own labors went and my second one was much better than my first because I stayed home longer (highly recommend it) and only spent a couple of hours of labor in the hospital (a place to avoid, really) – I want you educate yourself on the medical community’s usurping of a natural process that is labor, write a birth plan that reflects your views and don’t let anyone (no nurse, no doctor, no nothing) make you feel stupid – this is your body and you make the ultimate decisions – do not let them screw with you and your head for hours with useless medications and then tell you you need a c-section – it’s the classic bs story and don’t become a statistic. I also suggest getting a doula if you can pay for one and going to a childbirth education class to appease some of your fears. Oh and ps: a hot shower and a bed buddy (heated in a microwave) can be your best friends during labor. Congratulations!

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Yes, as @Simone_De_Beauvoir said.

It is different for every woman.

I never went into labor spontaniously.

My water broke and nothing happened for the next 14 hours so it was an induced labor.
The labor lasted 15 hours and it was a difficult birthing process.

A friend of mines first, she woke with mild cramping and gave birth within 2 hours!

You cannot possibly predict anything, other than it will more than likely be just fine and you will forget all about any discomfort as soon as you lay eyes on your little miracle! :-)

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It is really exciting! Suddenly… all that carrying around the weight and the size is going to pay off! It is a very short transition in becoming a Mom. And it really is different for every woman. My water broke before I went into labour proper, just like you see in the movies. That’s not common, though.

Learn what you can and talk to some professionals about it if you’re worried. I put myself in the hands of the professionals at the hospital and I felt sure things were going to work out fine. It is a kind of battle… but only after battle can you feel the true meaning of triumph and it really is a special kind of triumph, and then you’ll feel like it’s you and the little one against the world and there is NOTHING you can’t handle when it comes to looking after your baby.

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The only thing I can say is hope you go into labor naturally. Induction sucks. Big time.

Get your yoga in now, drink plenty of water, and eat your broccoli. Dehydration and iron deficiency can cause a lot of problems.

Those are all the words of wisdom I can give without a horror story attached.

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I found it hard but not unbearable and I had had a lot of fear. I think the chilbirth prep classes and the breathing helped me a great deal.

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I would ditto what @Simone_De_Beauvoir said.
Don’t be afraid, educate yourself, and try to follow what nature intended.
Billions of women have done it, and then done it again and again!

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