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A glass of orange juice with cereal?

Asked by Tink (8668points) August 23rd, 2010 from iPhone

It comes out in the majority of every cereal commercial. Do people really drink a glass of orange juice while they are eating cereal in the morning? Or whenever? If it’s there to just be fancy, why? Do you do it?

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Sometimes, yes. If I’m not having coffee.

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no, if i mix milk and oj i throw up.

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No, I don’t drink OJ or eat cereal. I eat peanut butter toast and diet pepsi. I think they want to portray eating cereal is healthy with a glass of juice.

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Grapefruit juice for me (sometimes).

Usually, it’s a cup of coffee and cereal. No juice.

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No way. Milk and OJ have two very different tastes, and should be mixed under no circumstances. No circumstances, I say!

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Oatmeal and a chocolate milkshake for me.or coffee ;)

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I guess it is. Personally I prefer coffee.

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It’s likely there because orange juice adds colour to the commercial (and makes it appear as though there is a “balanced” breakfast on the table because of the Vitamin C.)

I would never drink orange juice while eating cereal. Not even apple juice (and I love apple juice.)

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My grandpa used to have orange juice in place of milk for his cereal. And he liked ketchup on his scrambled eggs. Ugh. Bleah! Go figure.

It’s just a idealized thing as much as any ad image. I highly doubt most Westerners eat all that for brekkie.

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I can’t drink OJ and have milk at the same time. It makes me very sick.

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yes. it goes very well. i dig.

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I never do. The only exception is if I am making a pig of myself at a breakfast buffet, but I would have orange juice with my english muffin and bacon, my cereal would be a separate course. Far from from being fancy, more like being a gluten.

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@aprilsimnel I eat my scrambled eggs covered with ketchup. It’s really good.

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I replace cereal with oatmeal since I don’t like the ‘sweetness’ of cereals. If I want to drink juice along with my breakfast(not occasionally) I prefer to use red guava instead of orange juice. They contain different nutrients but red guava is much better. Orange juice is too acidic for me anyway.

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@chyna – I’ve tried it. As an adult, too. My “bleah!” still stands. As always, YMMV. :)

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Okay, so most of the time it’s just there for some odd reason. I’ve always been curious as to if people really do that. I don’t, heck I don’t even drink milk, I guess it would be a bad combo anyway.

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It’s there to be part of the “balanced breakfast” as shown in the commercials. They’re doing it to indicate that a bowl of cereal by itself is not enough food to quality as a full breakfast and that orange juice “balances” it out in a way, along with something like a piece of toast or a piece of fruit. I could never eat that much for breakfast and I don’t like orange juice. :P

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I don’t drink a lot of juice…I try and guam on whole fruit instead! Fresh fruit and granola in yogurt rocks!

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Oj prevents scurvy. I don’t drink it with breakfast. I use it sometimes to make a screwdriver at night.

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No, I usually get heartburn if I drink oj in the morning.

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I enjoy coffee and a morning breeze…but, I have a friend who mixes milk and oj in the same glass.

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@Frenchfry Orange juice purveyors should bring back scurvy awareness. It’s practically their civic duty. They could even roll it into a slogan.

A glass a day keeps the scurvy at bay!

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I’ve only seen someone doing that like once my whole lifetime.

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@zannajune Yeah me too, i love it but it gives me awful heartburn afterwards.

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I don’t eat cereal, but my daughter gives her kids cereal/milk and a glass of juice every morning.

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Many times i do have OJ, because me and my husband LOVE OJ. Sometimes we’ll have other fruit juice flavours, but we usually always have some fruit juice with breakfast.

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I usually drink a cup of coffee and then have my cereal. I enjoy coffee with eggs and toast. Rarely ever do I drink orange juice unless it’s with vodka ;)

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This is fascinating. I’m surprised at how many people don’t drink OJ when eating cereal. Tasting the mixture in your mouth is one thing, but I’ve never had a problem with it in my stomach. Maybe it’s cast iron.

I’m going to the grocery store this morning. Maybe I’ll camp out in the juice section and take a poll.

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The only breakfast I really love juice with is a very sweet one, like waffles or pancakes (juice cuts the syrupy sweetness) and bagels and lox (juice cuts the salty taste). I think showing juice with cereal is one of those old TV commercial conventions designed to give the impression that cereal, especially highly sugared ones, is part of a well-rounded meal. Of course, processed fruit juices are loaded with sugar, too.

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I agree with @Austinlad I think it is a throwback to the four food groups. Fruit, grain, dairy, protein.

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I have often had a glass of orange juice with breakfast (whether that be cereal or a full English!). I also have orange juice poured over my museli. My boyfriend thinks that’s weird.

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@Leanne1986 – that is weird. :P

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I usually have tea in the morning, but if I’m in a rush I’ll have juice instead. usuallt grapefruit for me, not orange. No cereal though. I don’t do dairy, and I usually have toast.

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