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Did Jacee Dugard and company outwit and out maneuver the paparazzi?

Asked by Hypocrisy_Central (26829points) August 24th, 2010

Did Jaycee Dugard and company outwit the paparazzi? It seem like the paparazzi were able to eventually get any shot, this celeb baby, that one sneaking out of rehab, Lohan doing her jail stint, even a dying Michael Jackson in the back of an ambulance or Princess Die all smashed up in a car. So, how is it there are not bunch of pics leaked out about Jaycee and her children? Is it that they outwitted the tenacious paparazzi or the paparazzi are actually giving her a break because of what she been through by not stalking her?

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I think the paparazzi justify what they do by saying they are following human beings who chose a public lifestyle. That means they cannot in good conscience stake out Jaycee and her family.

I’m sure some do, but luckily there’s a mainstream media blackout on this, as there should be.

It won’t last forever, though.

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