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Have you ever had a mini-disaster happen in your home as a direct result of you getting stuck in an engaging conversation on a social site?

Asked by NaturallyMe (4912points) August 24th, 2010

Eg, you forget food on the stove, or your bathwater flows over etc. These have both happened to me.

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Ha-ha never using this site (YET), but have chatted to someone on IM and burnt and completely wasted my dinner. It was unrecognisable.

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Nearly – but no.

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I was boiling water for tea, and I got involved and forgot about it, and most of the pot of water boiled away. Thankfully, I remembered before it got dry.

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I forgot potatoes I had set to boil once. The water boiled completely away, and I burned the potatoes.

Shame on me. :^(

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I put some ramen noodles on the stove. ( yes I cook it in the stove ,not the microwave. I think it tastes better. I am weird) Boy! Does three minutes go fast . I have burnt it down into the pan. I now set a cooking timer everytime I cook. so I don’t get distracted like that.

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I put the kettle on and while waiting for the whistle, got side-tracked on a site. The next thing…there’s smoke rolling out of the kitchen. I had turned on the wrong burner, and a wooden cutting board had caught on fire. The board is long gone, but the discoloration in the floor from where I dropped it is still there.

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cabbage soup – left it on the stove and it boiled the water away. Didn’t notice until most the house was filled with the horrible smell of burnt cabbage.
Probably didn’t help that the kitchen is on the floor above my computer…

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Hehehehe….! I’m glad i’m far from the only one. :D

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Oh god. Forgot food on the stove. There were two incidents.. one, I was making Ramen Noodles. I was lost in my-.. whatever I was doing. I can’t remember. When I suddenly smelled burning. I dashed over to find.. molten.. ramen. I swear, some was jet black, some was starting to turn orange.. ABSOLUTELY no water was left. Another scary incident, I was boiling only water preparing for something I can’t remember. .. And then I forgot. When I came back, the top layer of the lower aprt of the pan had MELTED off, leaving a big.. red thing, under a charred black bottum (At first, when I set it on the stove, I mistook it for instantly burning the surface, which made me freak out.) as well as when I poured cold water in it, it began to boil immidiately. So scary…

Yep. That. Making food while I’m on the computer. It will be the death of me. Watch for it on the news, you’ll see it one day. * Shudders * I’m so afraid of burning too…

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@Saun Dude…... :0

(i suppose it’s time you get a kitchen timer!) :)

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