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Have you ever seen a movie that left you with displeasing feeling afterwards?

Asked by gypsywench (1631points) August 24th, 2010

Ever seen a movie that gave you weird dreams or made you feel a little weird for awhile? Maybe a movie that stirred a certain emotion, that made you feel out of your comfort zone? Even just something really gross and disturbing? Possibly a light hearted film with a sinsiter twist?

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8–½ weeks did that for me. I felt dirty afterwards.

I was also troubled by The Road because of its realistic apocalyptic theme and especially the many scenes about cannibalism, but I stuck it because of the marvelous acting and was glad I did.

I avoid movies about zombies, modern warfare (I never saw Private Ryan, for example) and women in jeopardy.

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Hitchcock’s – The Birds.

Still have a fear of birds (the ones with beaks that is!!!)


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Requiem for a Dream, and to a lesser extent Children of Men (though that one at least ends happier).

Both movies will make you lose faith in humanity, and at the end of Requiem you’ll probably want a hug.

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The Deer Hunter.

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I’ve read/watched Holocaust non-fiction that was less soul-crushing than The Boy in the Striped Pajamas.

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This happens often for me, particularly when a well made movie depicts cultural or social injustices. The Pianist left me feeling overwhelmed and slightly sick, because I couldn’t believe the degree of human suffering it portrayed. Memoirs of a Geisha made me angry, because even though it wasn’t well made, it managed to effectively communicate the horrors that have been forced on innocent people in the name of culture.

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I guess anything John Waters. Funny thing is, I’ve never seen an entire John Waters film. Old 1970s porno. The Martyrs, The original Funny Games, and good old A Clockwork Orange.

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Alot of them do simply because I leave the theatre appalled and shocked that I just paid money to sit there and watch it ;)

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Especially the beginning when they twist and turn the camera, I almost threw up.

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@second_guessing boo! ;)

Natural Born Killers for me. I could never watch that movie again.

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Children of Men did that for me. The book even more so.

I’m half-convinced that story is the reason my son exists. ^_^

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Just thought of another, the Donald Sutherland/Julie Christie film called Don’t look Now.

It was the wee woman in the Red coat that scared me shit-less, my sister still brings it up all these years later

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Oh the naked fight scene in Borat no question. When the fat dude teabags the hapless Kazakhstani on the bed. Apparently Sacha Baron Cohen insisted on wearing a medical type face mask (wise decision) but even that sucuumbed to his assailants vaccuous arse crack. It was sucked from his face in a whirlwind of sweat & scrotum welding. Boy did he earn his corn that day. @second_guessing Yeah completely agree. When she turned round to reveal the face of a hag & then hacked into his neck with the cleaver…....chilling!

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For myself, I would have to say Gummo(just cause), The Martyrs(gave me a nightmare),Pianist (so sad), Life is Beautiful (I cryed) and Confessions of a Shopaholic (made me uncomfortable, cause it was really bad and not funny)

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Apocalypse Now was very disturbing to me. I had nightmares for days after I saw it. It was so many years ago, that I wonder if it would have the same effect on me now.

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Eraserhead. The dinosaur/child/thing was the last straw. <Shudders>.

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Yep! Each time my MIL puts on her home movies of their vacations!! Guaranteed nightmares for a week!

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I haven’t even seen The Human Centipede, but after it was described to me and I saw one screenshot from it, I’ve been really grossed out since.

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I cannot stand sexual violence against women in movies.
Watched part of a horror flick with my daughter awhile back, forget the title, but it involved a brutal 5 minutes gang rape of a teenage girl.

I couldn’t take it, had to call it quits.

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The movie , Monster. I found it very disturbing, That lady is crazy!

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@Frenchfry That happened near my house! The cops are still obsessed with busting hitchhikers because of her.

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Good morning Frenchy and Seek!, up with the owls over here. lol

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@Seek_Kolinahr Really I can see why
@Coloma Good morning. Yikes it’s early there.

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Oh, I saw that, was that with Charlene Theron? OMG!

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Yeah, and Christina Ricci. I love her.

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Monster’s Ball
The English Patient
A Clockwork Orange

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@Coloma I agree. The Accused with Jodie Foster still bothers me.

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Demon Seed

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“No Country For Old Men.”

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When I left that movie with the monster thing that popped out of a man’s stomach, science fiction, I wished I had never seen it. What was that movie called?

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…All of them?

Alien, The Faculty, a few episodes of Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Leprechaun 4…

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@Michael_Huntington Got it!! ALIEN. UGH.

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Hostel, and then to my own deep regret I decided to watch the second one. Which was even worse. They make the Saw films seem light-hearted.

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Bruno- because it was disgustingly disturbing (and sad that our youth doesn’t know what good humor is) and it was just so raunchy
Pulp Fiction – because of the violence but after I processed it over a few days, I liked the film.
Jacob’s Ladder- well…. you watch it

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Panic Room.

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@cockswain I’m the same. I haven’t seen the film, and I don’t want to. The thought of it makes me sick to my stomach. and I can usually handle gory horror films

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The Omen and Pan’s Labyrinth

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The Danish “Pusher ” series; very well done, had me captivated until it reached a point of mans’ inhumanity that I had to turn it off and walk away.

The film “Antichrist” with Willem Dafoe; THE most disturbing film ever made; It still makes me shiver just thinking about it. Watch at your own risk. Not for the faint in ANY way.

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@Simone_De_Beauvoir Pan’s Labyrinth was good but very disturbing.

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@jeffgoldblumsprivatefacilities I watched Eraserhead alone at night in a very dark room and was terrified to go to sleep that night. I couldn’t get the sounds that baby made out of my head.

The movie Happiness disturbed me so much that I had to turn it off mid-viewing. It’s one of the few movies I have intentionally not finished watching that wasn’t a bad movie but was just too much to handle.

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Gummo did that to me. Also every David Lynch movie that I’ve seen.

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I love that some of my favorite movies (Martyrs, Funny Games, Pan’s Labyrinth) are listed here. And anybody who likes Martyrs’ brand of disturbing, give Inside a try. Excellent stuff.

Also, The Human Centipede is a disturbing film, but it’s not gross-out disturbing like you’d expect. It’s actually really really tame for a horror flick, especially given the premise.

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The Piano (with Holly Hunter) was a bit disturbing for me. Loved it though.

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Million Dollar baby. I didn’t expect the ending yet it felt so realistic and was acted so well that like Requiem for a dream I feel I’ve never quite been able to shake it from my subconscious.

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I had emotions I can’t describe after watching “Boy’s Don’t Cry”. It disturbed me so much that I have refused to watch it again.
Movies that depict very graphic violence against women, children and hate crimes like “Shindler’s List” and ” Bandit Queen”. I don’t like to see that. People killing others just because they are different or they are ignorant about how other’s live.

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Someone wrote once that at the end of Requiem for a Dream, he felt like he had been physically lifted from his chair and beaten up, and that described my own experience very well. Once in a while, I think I’d like to watch it again , but then I think ‘why would you want to do that again?”. I remember standing up in the theater while the credits rolled, and my legs buckled.

I suspect American filmgoers had more trouble watching The Boy in the Striped Pajamas than others. Americans are used to ridiculously contrived Hollywood endings, so one could sit through The Boy in the Striped Pajamas thinking ‘I know how this will turn out,’ and then feel really bad for being right instead of outraged because a Hollywood producer ruined a story for the sake of a ‘feel good’ ending.

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@frdelrosario I know what you mean. I felt the same way after watching Atonement. I haven’t had the nerve to watch Requiem for a Dream yet, as I’ve heard the same thing you are reporting.

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Pan’s Labyrinth had a short trailer in the US that portrayed it as a light-hearted fantasy film, trying to ride the Narnia wave. Decided to watch it one lonely night to cheer myself up. Didn’t work. It’s a great movie, though. Maybe one of my favorites. I’ll have to watch it again sometime. But this time with friends.

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Synecdoche, New york (2008)

The last word of the film is a 2nd person command to simply “die.”
(2nd person, in the form of a stage direction)

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@Carly Fuck. The whole movie tripped me out. I’ve been meaning to watch it again, but I don’t know whether I can get through it a second time.

There are two other films that were unsettling for different reasons. Mysterious Skin made me feel horrible. I wanted to take the main characters home and feed them soup or something. What happened to them was just awful.

Manic was another one. There’s a character who suffers from manic depression and the scene where he snapped… I couldn’t even breathe.

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Antichrist (2009) yeah, you know the scene
2 Girls 1 Cup (2007) link at bottom of page
Machine’s speech from 8mm (1999)
The Incredible Shrinking Man (1957)
Freaks (1932)

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@Akua I’ve watched Boys Don’t Cry more than once, but I have to be in a very specific mood to want to watch it and a very specific state of mind to be able to watch it, and it takes me a while to get over it every time. Really great film.

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I really enjoyed Pan’s Labyrinth.

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@MacBean it’s good to know Im not the only one that feels that way about that particular movie.

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you could always give Magnolia a try. I show it to friends all the time, just to see how deeply invested they get. And afterward, we tend to have the best, long conversations.

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Devils Rejects made me sick to my stomach. Hostel as well. nasty

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I am Sam was so sad!

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Breaking The Waves. The poor woman that Emily Watson played was already so fragile and that whole sexual rigamarole she does to save her husband… and of course, no one was going to understand why…! Just heartbreaking. It was a very disturbing film, indeed.

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@aprilsimnel Did you see Emily Watson in Hilary and Jackie? She was brilliant.

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@aprilsimnel Oh – I forgot about Breaking the Waves – that was a great and disturbing movie. Also, Boys Don’t Cry – it was very powerful but I don’t think I could watch it again. Hillary Swank and Emily Wtson are both fantastic actresses.

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The Boy In The Striped Pajamas had a heartbreaking ending, in the book and movie. Made you want to cry. )=

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Cronenberg’s adaptation of The Fly can still leave me feeling icky for days.

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