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I have a complicated teeth/gum issue that's too complicated to fit in here, click to read.

Asked by MikeMcG (53points) March 24th, 2008

I recently got my wisdom teeth removed and as soon as I was able to eat hard foods without too much pain (minor prodding of the areas, y’now, DID hurt) I had some chips and I think when I was eating a chip I stabbed it into my gums. So today I noticed some pain while eating food using my left back molar, and I checked it out and my gum was kind of loose around the tooth. I won’t be able to see a dentist for a day or two, so what can I do to lessen the damage myself?

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Avoid hard foods. This exact thing happened to me when I had my wisdom teeth removed. Also gargle with hydrogen peroxide.

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Swish salt water, brush the area very gently, and check to make sure that there isn’t any chip left in your gums. This happens to me often. If the pain is unbearable there is numbing gel for sore gums at walmart somewhere around medicne hope this helped

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I got the cut a few days ago, so there’s probably food in there. =\ I’ll go swish around some salt water in that area.

Hydrogen peroxide? Can you seriously do that?

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eat softer, room temperature foods. and dont use straws because those create suction that might make your gums hurt more.

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or gargle with hot water with salt.

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PLEASE don’t gargle with pure hydrogen peroxide!!! You’ll give yourself Thrush!
Your gums can be a little loose around your teeth but if they still feel irritated, the warm salt water rinse might help sooth them. Chances are you’ll be fine in a few days but if you have any doubts, don’t hesitate to call and ask you dentist about it. This would probably fall under the category of “follow-up” care if you just has your wisdom teeth removed.

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Using a waterpik might be helpful. I find it helpful with my problem food, pretzels.

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My dentist suggests using hydrogen peroxide occasionally. You need to dilute it with water first. About 50% water and 50% hydrogen peroxide is what they suggested to me.

If you look at the ingredients on the Listerine that claims to whiten you teeth you will see that hydrogen peroxide is the main active ingredient.

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Just bare in mind that you can use pure hydrogen peroxide as a component in rocket fuel. Your chemist probably won’t sell you that thought probably 2.5 – 3%.

I’d recomend biting down from time to time to hold the tooth in place if it is really lose. If it comes out (god forbid) reinsert it quickly and then bite down hard. If you can’t get it back in keep it in your cheek to stop I’d drying out and then go find a dentist. Fast.

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I would avoid eating solid foods and stick to room temp soft foods for the remaining time till you can see the dentist. Do not drink through straw and dont smoke if you do smoke. if it was bleeding i would try to kind of pack the area.

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Follow up: I didn’t go to the dentist, the issue ended up resolving itself. I think using salt water and keeping that area clean helped out. Thanks. =]

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glad to hear it

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Isn’t pure hydrogen peroxide unstable and just decomposes to oxygen and water?? The stuff we use in the lab is 3% and that still decomposes.

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