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What should I do with my Teddy Bear?

Asked by JonnyCeltics (2721points) August 24th, 2010

I don’t even know where to begin, and it’s a little embarrassing…but how long do I hang on to my wonderful teddy bear, Pancake? I’ve had it for some time now, it’s a great pillow, lots of fond memories attached to it…but I’m kind of tired of lugging it everywhere and…well, it’s a teddy bear. I’ve never had any “weird-out-ed-ness” from my girlfriends, so I am not really sure as to why I feel this way now, and what I should do…?

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Save him for your kids.

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Keep it as long as it is working for you. The chicks will find it endearing and one should never get rid of an old friend.

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Keep him. Don’t be embarrased, you will regret getting rid of him.

If you must, pack him in a box with some dessicant, but never ever get rid of him.

Edited to add: My wife & I still sleep with our stuffed animals.

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Listen, I’m 30 and my koala will never not be part of my bedroom decor. If you think it’s weirding girls out, maybe put him on a shelf for display.

I even had mine re-sewn with the original pattern. I don’t care if it’s creepy!!!

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Snuggle it one more time. Then pack it away.

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Keep him and take good care of him. I’ve had my gorilla George for over 50 years, still a good buddy. Our cats sleep with him too.

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Keep him. You will regret it if give him away. Just put the teddy up in the closet.

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Do what you feel is right.

He’s been with you so long, I think it would just be cruel to pack him away. He could be considered an old friend by now, and you don’t just throw your friends out or donate them. If your girlfriend doesn’t like your friend, well too bad. (You don’t seem to have that problem, though. :P) If he means a lot to you, you should just keep him, maybe get buried with him. (That’s as creepy as it sounds, yes.)

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My mother in law threw away my husband’s wubbie when he went away to boot camp – he’d had that thing since the day he was born.

He mentions fairly often that he wishes Blackie were still around, so our little boy could have him.

Whatever you do – don’t get rid of him.

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GREAT feedback, y’all….thank you! :)

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UN-stuff it. If you take all the stuffing out of it, it will take almost no space somewhere like the bottom of your sock drawer. If you miss it in 10 years, you can always re-stuff it.

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Pancake! Great name! I say keep it. You may need it one day.

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I still have my rabbit Roger from when I was a year old. I gave him to my son Vincent. Get a shadow box to put him in, or save him for when you have a little one to hand him down to. He’s too special to get rid of. (I LOVE the name Pancake, btw!)

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Absolutely keep Pancake for as long as you like. When you do give him away, make sure he goes to a good home. It sounds weird, but your mind will be more at ease if you feel that your childhood friend is safe and secure.

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