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Do you think your cat can tell when you're lying to it?

Asked by GeorgeGee (4925points) August 24th, 2010

You know you lie to your cat, like when you pretend you just want to play when you really want to clip its nails….

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Of course they can, because whether or not you no it you act differently.

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Well gee George I dunno, I have no cat. We do however have a dog who when it’s her bathtime no matter how many “what have I got den” or “come on den who’s a pretty girl den” she runs away. She must here the water & think to herself, you want me in there, you’re gonna have to make me. So less of the cutie talk buster!! :¬)

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I don’t think that cats can grasp the concept of lying. They can, however, pick up on very subtle cues in body language to figure out that something’s up.

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I never lie to my cats.

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@ucme I’ll bet she totally hears the water. Our four cats have calculated the best hiding places for when that bathwater goes on and they hear their names. :)

@GeorgeGee Our voices and our actions carry a lot of weight that we don’t tend to think about. Yes, you may be saying comforting words and sweet things, but there’s probably tension in your hands or stealth in your voice that cats, being incredibly intuitive, will pick up on.

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@KTWBE Yeah but cats kind of have an excuse, they’re not meant to like water right? Wheras Penny, bless her heart loves water, at least on the beach. I think she’s just being a little madam. As is her right I suppose ;¬}

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@ucme You’re right, as a general rule cats don’t like being in water. It has to do with protecting the natural oils on their fur that keep things (i.e. rain, dirt) off of their skin. Still, some cats don’t mind water. Tigers love to swim!

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Yes,and that is why I get crappy birthday presents from him. ;)

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@ucme my cat loved water, he would throw enemy cats in our pool and go in after them. And take dips for just staying cool.

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No, but he lies constantly in my lap.

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oh man this question cracked me up. thanks for the laugh.

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@daytonamisticrip So essentially he was the “kittynator” nice.

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He also played with raccoons. He taught them to climb on the roof, he’d sometimes throw them off though.

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My cats can tell but they don’t care. They already know I’m full of shit.

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Once a month, I have to bundle Milo up, stuff him in the carrier and drive 14 miles to the Animal Shelter, where a yound volunteer will clip his nails.

At the specified time, I act no different than I do on any other morning.I approach nonchalantly, MIlo hares off, under the bed, sofa, table, or in one of his invisible hiding spots. Then I have to manoeuvre him gently with a dust mop. We rush around for a few minutes, both breaking into a sweat.

He always gets his revenge by barfing at mile 13.

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My cats prefer me to lie to them; it makes our relationship easier, and no one gets their feelings hurt…

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I think they can sense a lie. One female orange tabby we had for nearly 20 years was only close to me and my grandmother (she didn’t like anyone else). She would let us pick her up, play with her (using string) and loved her treats. For some reason however she could sense when we were trying to lure her so we could take her to the vet. We would lay treats down so we could grab her (the cage wasn’t even visible) but for some strange reason she could just sense we were really just trying to get her so we could take her to the vet. She would run and hide then.

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I have never lied to my cat. If there is something I don’t want her to know about I just talk to her a bunch, and she would get sick of it and ignore me.
Or this was my tactic until she went off to die last March.
I miss her.

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When I had a cat then yes, I’d lie to him about stuff and a lot like people who love me back, his want of love, his trust in me would override any deception.

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No. They weren’t that smart.But then again I had no reason to lie to them in the first place so maybe they could but I never tested them on it, so I don’t really know.

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