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How difficult is the NJ motorcycle written test for a permit?

Asked by ilovethefall (71points) August 24th, 2010 from iPhone

Do I have to study the entire Driver’s Manual or just the motorcycle section? I have my driver’s license but it’s been 30 years since I took that written test. Any opinions on doing the road classes and test through one of the Harley Davidson stores?

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I highly recommend the Motorcycle Safety Foundation course. And once you’ve successfully completed it, you can get your license (rather than a permit) without taking the driving test.

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Svz: thanks for your response. I called one of the Harley places on that list and they won’t let me even register for the course until I have the permit.

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I highly recommend Rider Education of New Jersey Inc (RENJ):
Their instructors are certified by the NJ MVC to give you the road test, so you don’t have to do it at Motor Vehicles. If you pass, you get a card that you bring to the MVC agency and they’ll simply add the endorsement to your license and collect their fee of course.

For ALL classes, you MUST have your permit to take the course. I got my Driver’s License in 1983; I got my motorcycle license last year. Much of the written test was common sense for an experienced driver, but some of it is fairly detailed, so it is good to read through the manual a couple times before taking it. You don’t have to get 100% correct, either.

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Huh. That’s odd. I didn’t have to have a permit – the point (or one of the points) of the class was to teach you the things you’d need to know in order to have a permit.

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I’ve been a Harley motorcycle fan for years and my husband rides crotch rockets, so this year I decided to stop procrastinating and get my license so I can buy a harley in the spring. I’m taking my test for the permit tomorrow and then signing up for the September class at the MSF/MSS in the Bronx. I was really happy to see that someone else is worried about passing the exam. I’m a bit nervous but hubby says it’s easy. 20 questions, multiple choice and you don’t have to get them all correct. I’m less worried about the permit part and more worried about learning how to ride the actual bike and passing the course to get the license.

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@Akua: good luck tomorrow. I think I will go Friday to take the written test then hopefully get a spot in the class the beginning of October. My guy rides and I love riding with him but would also like to ride myself.

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@ilovethefall thanks for the luck. You’ll do fine. I’ve known bikers since I was a teen and if they can pass the test and ride well. so can we. Try going online to the LOH (Ladies of Harley) site and read the stories by female riders. Great motivation.

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@Akua and @ilovethefall
I’m over 40 and took the class with my 18-year-old son. The instructors included one female, who nick-named me “Mama Dukes” (it stuck – my son’s friends now call me that). She and our other instructor were very impressed with how well I did, and were very complimentary.

I enjoyed riding, but the traffic congestion is so dense and too many drivers aren’t paying attention or don’t really know hoe to drive, so I know I wouldn’t really enjoy it… I’d have to ride for close to two hours just to get to fun and relatively less congested roads. So I won’t be buying a bike any time soon (not to mention the costs).

You can also find riding groups in your area on… depending on your area. In NJ there are women’s groups, and co-ed groups, and also groups that don’t discriminate by brand or style of your motorcycle.

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Thanks all. I did get my permit today and signed up for a motorcycle safety class at one of the Harley Davidson stores. Can’t wait!

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