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Is it bad to smoke marijuana and go to church every sunday?

Asked by thundermonkey09 (39points) August 24th, 2010

Would that make me a hypocrite?

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Where in the bible does it say thou shalt not smoketh? i mean if you go to church high as hell that might be offensive. but honestly, weed isnt as bad as people make it out to be, and since the bible doesnt say you shouldn’t, then why not

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It really depends on your religion and its denomination and what the rules would be for that denomination and your personal agreement and disagreement with the rule. Personally, I don’t think it should matter but maybe you should run it by your pastor/father first.

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I’m not especially pro-pot, but I find myself feeling that it’s okay to go to Church high (after all, we Jews have the expression High Holy Days) if it helps you get more out of attending.

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The bible does say that (and I’m paraphrasing here) you shouldn’t get inebriated. It was mostly meant for wine and getting drunk since wine was the main liquid they drank but it’s said to carry over to all substances.

If you get fucked up but go to church every Sunday, it doesn’t necessarily make you a hypocrite but it doesn’t really speak well for your following directions skills.

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Yeah, a little. In addition to what @Randy said, you’re also supposed to be taking care of your body. Deliberately inhaling smoke of any sort isn’t going to be doing much of that.

Sin knows no day of the week. It is just as wrong to get high on Friday night as it is Sunday morning.

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When I was a kid my mom bribed us to go to church by promising 3 comic books and an ice cream on the way home. It worked, kept us going for a lot of years. So I guess if this is the bribe you use to get yourself into that pew, then so be it. I’m sure a just god would in this case, allow that the end justifies the means. Actually it sounds like an excellent way to make the time more palatable, had I not given up all mind altering substances a lot of years ago, I would give it a try myself. Cheers dude.

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The Bible tells you to be a good steward of what He’s given you. That includes your body. Smoking marijuana isn’t taking good care of your body. So the Bible actually does say something about it, and that kinda makes you a hypocrite.

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Jesus used his magic to make wine for people at a wedding, so I don’t really understand why it’s unchristian to use an even less dangerous drug. Were the people in the Cana wedding party being good stewards of their bodies?

And as others have pointed out, the Bible does not contain laws outlawing marijuana. (Of course, it does contain laws outlawing the wearing of polyester, working on the sabbath, and coveting your neighbor’s legally purchased slave…)

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@Qingu Hah! it seems we are all backwards arent we

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I think you can relax with a weekly smoke, but not let it make you lazy. I’d worry more about wasting your time at ‘church’.

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Providing you aren’t hurting anyone or spoiling their experience of their visit to church then I don’t see it as a problem but you may want to think about why you go to church in the first place. If you need to get high to get through the visit then something tells me that you don’t belong there.

@Qingu What does the Bible say about wearing polyester?

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I think it’s a good idea. I would go to church high, and really think about what it all means.

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Where’s the connection? I doubt it’s as bad for the body as Diet Coke or french fries. Do they relieve pain?

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@Aster Have you ever been really, really hungry or thirsty?
I’d always figured that marijuana didn’t so much relieve pain as make you unaware of it.

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Sounds like the most fun way to do it, actually.

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@Nullo I do not think that’s right. I have read that weed gets rid of cancer pain and chemo nausea. Not mild discomfort. It would be fun to read the history of its use and see if the Indians or somebody used it for extreme pain.

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@ChocolateReigns has it right. But, having said that, there are many people in the church who likes to take a drink occasionally, so in my mind, there is no difference. Thank goodness for the New Testament. We all come up short and sin. accept me of course..loll!

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@BoBo1946 Boo, they called Jesus a “wine bibber.” Why?
That remark doesn’t sound made up to me.

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Yes, it’s a bad combination :

Smoking pot = mind expansion + more attuned to reality. (—just don’t work or drive)—
Attending church = mental straitjacket + no connection with reality.

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I doubt God has a problem with marijuana since He put it here, but He does tell us to follow the laws of our land. It’s against the law to smoke weed in most of the US as I sit here…high.

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I don’t do those kinds of things anymore, smoking pot or going to church, but my friend Wanda and I used to light one up before confirmation class. Made the whole business a lot more tolerable.

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anyone interested….there is scripture on this subject. Corinthians 6:19–20

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Luke 7: 34

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Not sure if it’s “bad”, but I think it is disrespectful.

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your post has validity to it, isuppose. thanks.

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Obviously if you go to church you believe in god. If you believe in god then you believe he made everything. That means he made pot. Why would he make it the way it was for no reason ?

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But he also created Satan, drinking too much, and recreational sex.

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@cockswain It has been suggested that Evil is not a thing created, but is rather that which is left when you remove Good.

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How strange…. human behaviour is completely out of this equation of ‘good’ and ‘evil’? Weed was there, in nature. Humans worked out what smoking it was like… some don’t, some use it and some abuse it. Alcohol is something that can occur naturally…. some people don’t, some use it, some abuse it. The thing is not evil… it’s our human intent that makes it so. Abuse of substances where it messes up your life and other’s is NOT good. But I don’t need a god to tell me this. If you do, please keep going to church and find your strength where you need it.

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@Nullo Suggesting all reality is inherently bad without the creation of good? Is that the idea? Sort of the original sin concept perhaps?

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@cockswain No, yes.
Picture, if you will, a piece of cloth. Cloth is Good. Now picture the same piece of cloth, only with holes in it. The holes are Not Good/Evil.
For the record, Satan fell on his own.

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@Nullo what makes the cloth ‘good’? Do you mean, usable? what if that cloth is the red on the flag for Nazi Germany? is the cloth still ‘good’?

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@cazzie I chose cloth because my favorite shirts tend to develop armpit holes.

Ultimately, the nature of the material is irrelevant save for illustration; cloth here is assigned the value of Good so that the holes in the cloth can be assigned the value of Evil. Thus one hopes to illustrate the concept of Evil being a deficiency of Good instead of a thing in its own right.
If you wanted, you could put holes in a pot, or cut bits out of a rug, or use a damaged roof allegorically, or even a hiccup in paving stones. It doesn’t really matter, so long as the underlying idea is still there.

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@Nullo That doesn’t answer my question. Or if it does, you are simply trying to expound on your idea it is not correct.

There is more than one definition of ‘good’ and the opposite of a pot that works (good) and a pot that has holes in it is not ‘evil’, but simply ‘broken’. Evil implies intent and can NOT be used to describe inanimate objects.

My argument is the alcohol just IS, the pot plant just IS. They are NOT evil. The action of abuse of the substances IS evil. I would even say that a person who drinks too much or smokes too much themselves, is not evil, but their actions are. Does that make sense?

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@cazzie I’m not arguing against or even addressing your argument, but rather was responding to @cockswain‘s argument that God effectively created evil.

The angle that I’ve been trying to get across via apparently insufficient illustration is that Good might have a relationship to Evil that is similar to the relationship between Light and Dark, Presence and Absence, etc.

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@Nullo nah… I don’t buy that. there is nothing ‘mystical’ about things that are opposite. Unlike Light and Dark, Presence and Absence, ‘Evil’ is a choice. To think it’s not a choice is to say that we have no control of our consciousness and we’re simply predestined to certain actions. Good and Bad are opposites,but not Good and Evil.

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@cazzie I think that you’re overworking my analogy. It was meant to be simple.
I don’t think that I ever said that there wasn’t a ‘choice’ component. By not doing the right thing, you’re doing the wrong thing. “The Devil made me do it” is a load of bull-carps.
You can choose to sit in the dark, or you can fetch a light. You can choose to leave a portion of wall blank, or you can put something there. You can choose to fulfill your promises, or you can rob a bank.

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Yes, @Nullo , I got confused by you describing an inanimate object as ‘evil’.

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@cazzie All for the analogy. You can’t treat abstract concepts as if they were physical, so it was necessary for the purposes of the analogy to map them to something that could get holes.

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