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Can you help me come up with a name for my personal blog of physics and mathematics?

Asked by Vortico (3123points) August 24th, 2010

I just started my senior year in high school, so I thought a daily blog of my daily physics and mathematics findings would be a great idea (for use with transcripts and resumés). I’m not much of a writer, but I’m hoping this will help me a little in that area.

Honestly, the name of a blog isn’t a huge deal for me, but I’d like something to be proud of. So here are the two names I’ve been thinking about:

TrivialQED: A little bit of humor in this “universal lazy proof”. I think it’s catchy and simple, so I really like this.

FiniteComplexity: The name might be a little “out there”, but the meaning is somewhat deep. I strongly believe that humans have to ability to learn everything if we (as the human race) put our minds to it. No knowledge in the universe is meant to never be discovered. That’s why I say that complexity is finite.

These are my ideas, but feel free to recommend any other names or simply point out which of my two appeals to you better. :) Also, I’ll be hosting it from, so obviously I can’t use a name which is already taken.

Thanks in advance! Any help would be greatly appreciated!

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My vote is in favour of TrivialQED. As someone who has extremely minimal knowledge in the way of both math and physics, a humourous title such as that one would be more likely to catch my attention (I have been known to read blogs about topics I know nothing about – especially if the writer injects a bit of humour.)

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I like both of your titles. I think either one would work. Probably you should go for the one that best describes your subject matter. That is to say will your blog be humorous?

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QED-PYE as in cutie pie…...oh forget it!! :¬)

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@muppetish You’re right, I tend to read blogs I don’t have the slightest clue about simply because of the humor or an interesting title or topic.

@marinelife Hmmm, I usually do put humor in most things I do, so TrivialQED might be the better choice. It wouldn’t be a sin to use this name on a resume, right?

@ucme Kind of a stretch, but I’ll keep it in mind! :)

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Maybe Phytics Genius?

Well that’s all I got now Physics+mathematics = phytics

Also when you’ve started your blog, please send me a link I just started in the Pre-IB programme and I suck at Physics…. I don’t understand anything , because I’ve been learning everything in Icelandic for the past 4 years:/

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Honestly, I read this question and the first name that came into my head was, “Spherical Chickens in a Vacuum.” However, I do quite like FiniteComplexity of the two you’ve suggested. :)

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@Thesexier I’ll definitely send you a link. I’ll try not to go too heavy on the physics knowledge prerequisites for now, so it might help you at least a little bit.

@KatawaGrey it is! (Just kidding!)
May I ask what you like about the name FiniteComplexity? Is it the meaning, the flow of the words, etc.?

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@Vortico I would pick the name you may be with for quite some time and a name you can back up with your thoughts and words. Followers of physics come from all walks of life but two main schools I have seen are the people way smarter than you many who will do everything and anything to remind you of that and the other physics wannabes like me who latch on to your blog just to learn a thing or two along the way and these will be your loyal followers along with the know-it-alls who again will be there to correct your thoughts just because. The rest will be way too busy with their own blog to even bother with yours. That being said of the 2 I like Trivial QED because Richard Feynman is a brilliant voice in quantum electrodynamics. Plus trivial anything just sounds fun and physics needs all it can get!

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@Vortico: I like the flow of the words and how it is somewhat indicative of what physics actually is: extremely complex but on a finite scale. :)

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@Vortico I think it would be a fine name to use on a resume.

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@Cruiser I actually choose TrivialQED because it has two meanings. The first is the humorous mathematical proof reference: Trivial (an immediately evident theorem) QED (quod erat demonstrandum, notation used to conclude a proof). This is the meaning I originally intended, but it also seems to work quite well with physics: Trivial (ordinary, and unimportant. Oops.) QED (quantum electrodynamics, ie. QED: The Strange Theory of Light and Matter).

@KatawaGrey On the other hand, “What physics actually is: extremely complex but on a finite scale” seems to sum up my intention of the name FiniteComplexity. This also possibly applies to mathematics. That I’m not so sure of.

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Here’s another bonus for TrivialQED. Even though I learned nothing from the class, I took three years of Latin in high school. :)

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I like the idea of trivialqed, but I’m worried it might not scan clearly as a blog title.

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@finkelitis That is a very good point, but does it matter as much as we might think? Also, does it matter if the correct punctuation would be Trivial, Q.E.D.? I have a feeling that whenever something unusual (or vague) is linked, it is clicked on more times than something with a “generic” blog name. Just a thought…

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Punctuated is definitely better. You could also choose trivialqed and then have an even more clear title, like

Proof: Trivial.

Though the clearer it is, the less I like it. Hmmm.

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I want to so read this blog. I like TrivialQED! :D

<—Likes Math and Physics.

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Just for those who are interested, after a lot of procrastination, I’ve finally written my first blog post. Trivial, Q.E.D.

I’m not even sure if it makes sense anymore, but there it is. My intention is not to write a popular science blog but to follow my personal studies in mathematics and physics.

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I think the title scans. Looks good. Good luck with the blog!

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