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Those of you who use it or have done in the past, have you ever had a bad experience with Marijuana?

Asked by OpryLeigh (25280points) August 24th, 2010

Many people believe that Marijuana should be legal as it’s not known for being a dangerous drug and many argue that alcohol is far more dangerous when used irresponsibly.

Have you ever had a bad experience whilst smoking pot?

I have never used it myself but I know a girl who uses it very regularly. She becomes very violent after and constantly believes that people want to fight her. She claims not to drink (how true that is, I don’t know) and I don’t know if she uses other, more harmful drugs at the same time but watching her makes me wonder if Marijuana is as harmless as I am often told?

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It’s been a while, but the only thing it did for me was give the urge to eat, giggle, and sleep. Come to think of it, I also once had a flash of insight about how the universe was formed, which I do not remember anymore.

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None, at all. It’s just marijuana. If someone had a bad experience their stuff was probably laced.

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I hear that drinking it in tea form helps for pain. I haven’t tried it.

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@josie It’s a shame you can’t remember your insight. How cool would that be?!

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It’s a drug. Drugs affect people in diverse ways. Marijuana is safe enough to experiment with, but the user is responsible for any unhealthy effects it may have on their personality.

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I had a friend that got some laced stuff. He ended up in the hospital and almost dying. This is were I think legalizing and regulating it could be a good thing (to help prevent people from getting bad stuff).

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One great difference between smoking marijuana and eating marijuana is knowing when you’ve had enough. After a few puffs of high-quality marijuana, you might think “hm, I can probably stop now”, but after eating a marijuana cookie or a dozen, you might think after 30 or 40 minutes “hm, it’s not working yet, and these are yummy cookies”.

So, once upon a time, this guy I know ate too much of a marijuana chocolate truffle, and after the heavy dose set in, he had a scary bout of anxiety and paranoia. He thought his best friends were very-deeply-undercover cops — he’d known these folks for decades, but suddenly he figured they were going to bust him, so they were very well disguised for years and years — who were going to kill him. It is a very odd thing to close your eyes, and while they are closed, to see an image of one of your best friends bringing a whiskey bottle down on your head.

It is possible to overdose, and it is very unpleasant. But there is no lethal dosage, and it isn’t narcotic. One bad experience in 30 years is a pretty fair batting average.

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prevent people from getting bad stuff

Um, what? “Bad stuff” is the stuff that doesn’t work.

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@frdelrosario By bad stuff I meant marijuana that was laced. If marijuana was legal and regulated, it could help prevent people from getting laced marijuana. Sorry, guess I should have written that out better. I thought it was obvious with my first sentence.

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@NaturallyMe Using marijuana in any form helps ease the pain.

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@Seaofclouds I meant marijuana that was laced

One of the stupidest things my mom ever did was to share a joint that was probably laced with PCP with her friends while she was unaware it was dosed and before trying it herself.

That was a very bad day for everyone. Marijuana good, PCP bad.

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I’ve gotten high off marijuana once and it was a bad enough experience that I don’t why to try again. Basically what happened was I became hyper-aware of my heart-beat and the blood pumping through my veins. My vision jumped every time my heart beat and my heart was beating probably three times as fast as normal and my skin seemed to rise with every beat as well. I couldn’t see or hear very well and it felt quite like I was trapped in a box. I know the stuff wasn’t bad because no one else reacted badly and we were all smoking from the same bowl.

In truth, I hate marijuana but I still want it to be legalized for two main reasons: 1) It could be regulated and thus made safer and taxed and 2) I would like hemp to be legalized because it is an amazing plant that can be used for damn near everything.

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My Danish pal once visited from Copenhagen with a big chunk of hashish. I said “All right! Let’s smoke it!”. He said in that thick accent “Oh, nooooo. Let’s do it how they do it in Denmark.” It seems the practice in his hometown was to mix hash with cigarette tobacco. I took several hits of that, and hours later, I was flat on my back on the Shoreline Amphitheater lawn, sick as hell, listening to thousands of people sing along with Bob Dylan, and none of them could sing. That was a horrible experience, which I attribute to cigarette tobacco. How can anyone smoke that shit??

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I wouldn’t necessarily say it was “bad,” but I had an experience that was a little scary. Growing up I usually smoked with a bowl or a joint, never anything else, and never in excessive quantities. The first time I smoked with my boyfriend, however, who gets very potent weed from his suitemate, we used a bong. Three hits with that and I was beyond high. It freaked me out a little cause I’d never felt that way. My body felt like it was changing temperatures and my grip on reality and where I was wasn’t very good. I experienced time/distance distortions. I felt like I couldn’t move. After about 10–15 minutes, I felt much better. But above all, I felt very, very stupid. I couldn’t really make my mouth communicate what I wanted to in a coherent way. I sounded like an idiot, lol. So at the time, while it was a bit worrisome at first, I look back now and think… “Damn, that was a good high.”

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that chronic cough. well, that was back in the day tho. took a hit while on the way home from monday night football when there was a monday night football and nearly threw up in my lap while driving that new 1988 nissan sentra. bygone era. on the other side of the law now.

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I can’t really indulge anymore because of bad experiences from it (paranoia).

It has never made me violent, though.

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I haven’t

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The odd whitey that’s all!! :-/

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Bad experiences can happen whenever you do anything. The worst that’s happened to me when smoking is just throwing up and nausea, but it’s no big deal. If it’s making someone violent they shouldn’t be doing it at all, regardless of whether it’s legal. Violent drunks shouldn’t drink either, in my opinion.

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I can’t stand people who claim that weed is some sort of miracle plant that can do absolutely no harm at all to your body and somehow nobody can possibly have any negative experiences from it. I am not saying anyone here is saying that—I’ve just seen it and heard it so many years that I’m just sayin…. you know? It’s not as horrible as many people make it out to be, but it is something you take into your body—and like anything else you take into your body you can have bad side effects. It’s not the amazing miracle from God Himself.

Sorry. Needed to rant before I talked. Anyway, I smoked daily for several years and I grew intolerant of it and didn’t realize it. First symptom was that I went from smoking very large quantities and getting a normal buzz from it to being able to smoke very small quantities and getting baked out of my mind off almost nothing. I considered this to be a good thing and continued daily smoking and having near religiously amazing times.

Then I started getting gastrointestinal problems. Won’t go into detail, but I kept smoking it daily and my friends didn’t want anywhere near me because I could totally foul up a bathroom and probably didn’t smell too fresh. I was constantly high and constantly… having some serious technical difficulties down there.

It wasn’t until one day I broke out in blisters all over my face that I actually quit smoking. Which was a good thing, because the stage after that is usually anaphylactic shock. I think the last few months of smoking, there wasn’t really a good experience to be had. It was just a few minutes of pleasure and then hours on the toilet feeling my face explode in blisters and god knows what going on in my gut.

There aren’t a whole lot of people who become allergic to it, but it does happen. I think I may have spared myself the extreme sensitivity had I just laid off when it started, but I was never that kind of person.

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@keobooks wow blisters? did you ever find out what was wrong?

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@isuppose : Just an allergy to it. Like I said, it never would have gotten that hideous except that I smoked it for a very long time when my body was hinting around that I needed to stop. If I could go back in time, I would have quit smoking daily when I was getting the stomach problems.

This happened to me with lobster and a few other things as well. I’ve gotten better, but I used to never know when to quit. Basically, I used to keep eating, drinking, using a soap or whatever until my body totally rejected it.

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The worst thing that happened to me is that I got really terrible at playing Brawl (to be fair, I wasn’t very great at it before the marijuana).
But I’ve experimented with it twice in my life, so there weren’t many opportunities for things to go wrong.

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@Sarcasm I’m always really terrible at that game haha

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@keobooks I totally agree. There are definitely side effects, it’s just hard to scientifically track them down right now. My boyfriend used to smoke pretty heavily, and I absolutely notice how terrible his short-term memory is. There are also risks for other brain diseases. It’s just common sense that constant use of a drug that alters your brain chemistry is going to affect you in the long-term.

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The worst experience I can remember happened recently, when my landlord came over and spent 15 minutes awkwardly hanging out after I just smoked up.

I’ve also messed up food I was cooking.

Oh, and when I ate some magical cookies and saw Avatar at imax, it was absolutely terrifying having to go to the bathroom in the middle of the movie. Getting out of the middle of our row was a death-defying experience.

I think the important thing, along with moderation, is to control the situation you find yourself in and make sure you’re comfortable and not in a position of responsibility.

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Well if someone is already a screwball when they smoke pot than of course they will blame the weed for their bad/weird behavior. I’ve seen some kids that got caught torturing animals blame the weed for their behavior but trust me, they were already screwballs even before they smoked weed. I can’t ever recall having one bad experience doing it. I have never seen any of my old friends with a “bad” experience from it. However it can make some people paranoid. I did have one real embarrassing experience with weed while being really ripped off some stuff which the potency caught me off guard inside a McDonalds back in the late 80’s where I freaked out standing in line (there was a uniformed cop standing in behind me), I was so ripped that I felt he knew I was high. I freaked out when it was my turn to place my order, my throat was so dry I couldn’t talk! I didn’t know what to do so I just pointed to my wallet and ran out (don’t ask me why). I had some close instances where I was in some scenerios where the people (for my sake) would be better off not knowing I was high where I started finding everything so funny that it was hurting me to hold it in. That was a long time ago. I have responsiblities now and I can’t smoke it anymore but I definitely prefer weed over booze any day.

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Only when I really want some, have the money, but can’t find any.

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It turned my brother into an unjust jerk.

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Is “eat waaaay too much” a bad experience? I ate a whole 12” pizza groaning with toppings, a cheeseburger with all the fixings and a load of garlic knots once while high off my gourd at uni. As for paranoia or extreme sadness or anything like that, nope. I giggled a lot while stoned.

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Nope. Never. In fact one time (I went to HS in the 70’s) I got so high with a guy that I started to hallucinate. He and I were sitting across from each other just passing them back and fourth. We must have gone through half an ounce or more, I don’t know. But I listened to someone tell a really funny joke and I started laughing. I laughed a good long time and as I literally watched smoke clear between him and me, I could see that he was looking at me rather oddly. Then I looked around and realized that we were alone. Had been alone all evening.
Ive had some mighty strange things happen that were hilarious at the time and funnier in the telling afterward. Never anthing bad.
That goes for all the acid I dropped too. Yeah, that was just dumb luck.

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One of the risks of marijuana is that it causes a lowering of blood sugar. This is why dope-smokers get “the munchies”. The only time I’ve had a bad experience with it was when my blood sugar crashed so hard I very nearly passed out. I felt better after drinking a litre of orange juice though.

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@keobooks Thanks for your honesty. It’s quite refreshing to hear someone say “you know what, it’s not that great” and not make excuses for the way it effected you.

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@Leanne1986 so…. were you looking for everyone to relate bad stuff? It seems by your above comment that you already had your mind made up and were looking for affirmation. I find it interesting that the one person who wrote of a very statistictically unusual circumstance is the one that you are happy about as if it were a justification and verification of your sentiments. Most people who smoke a lot of weed develop a tolerance.
I personally don’t smoke pot anymore, mainly because I grew up and don’t fancy going to jail and losing my job.
But your thanking @keobooks for honesty implies that the rest of us who said we didn’t really have bad experiences are lying or in denial.
If this was not your intent, I apologize. If it was your intent, all I can say is that people will believe whatever they choose to believe, even in the face of evidence to the contrary.

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@Trillian: I think she was referring to the fact that most people who smoke or have smoked pot seem to think that there is absolutely nothing wrong with it and any negative side effects are coincidental rather than directly caused by the pot.

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@KatawaGrey Hmmmm. Not my impression at all, but I can’t always trust my instincts about these things. I’m willing to be guided by yours in this case.
Are there any studies that support what she is saying, or seems to be saying? I know that the smoke itself is supposed to damage the lungs the same way a cigarette would, but I was under the impression that she was looking for something that happened that was bad, like an alcohol related incident. Like driving drunk and getting in a wreck.

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@Trillian I don’t know what you THINK I said. I meant that I’m tired of people who get quasi-religious about weed and think that it’s 100% safe.
1. I’ve heard people claim that it’s completely impossible to become allergic to it Nonsense. Your body can develop an immune response to ANYTHING you ingest. Plant substances are a big irritant to your immune system. ANY plany substance.

2. I’ve heard people make claims that it’s 100% safe to inhale and it will not cause your lungs any damage at all. Also nonsense. The smoke contains particulates—just like any other smoke. Small particles will accumulate in your lungs and will eventually damage them over a period of time. I’m not saying that marijuana smoke is particularly evil—just that if you smoke ANYTHING you are directly inhaling particulate matter and that is not good in the long run for your lungs.

3. I’ve heard people claim that marijuana is 100% nonaddictive. Also not true. While not physcially addictive, the psychological addiction is fairly strong. People with addictive personalities will become addicted to smoking and quiting will fill them with very high anxiety and they go through a mourning process that can last for years when they finally quit.

I am pro legalization of marijuana—or at least decriminalization. But I think it’s naiive of many smokers (and I have heard MANY smokers insist this) that it’s completely safe and that any negative side effects are due to people being weak willed or lightweights. If we’re going to get it legalized, we should all start talking about it in realistic ways.

I think some advocates fear that if you are frank about the negative effects, that will slow down the process to get it legalized. But there are many things that are legal that have high risks—alcohol, driving, guns. There’s no need to whitewash and pretend that it’s the safest and most amazing substance on the planet.

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@Trillian That was not my intent at all. I’m not looking for justification of anything. I have no opinion of pot as I have never used it and the majority of people I know who do use it appear to experience nothing worse than an attack of the munchies so I have no doubt that the rest of you are being honest (if you think I am accusing everyone else of being a liar then you are reading far to much into my comment to one person) but @keobooks went into a lot of detail about something they had experienced and didn’t make any excuses for their actions or the weed. When I asked this question I was actually trying to find out if anyone else has had similar reactions to that of the girl I mentioned . I was certainly not trying to prove a point as I have no point to try and prove.

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@Leanne1986 I understood what the intent behind your question was and I put down the one negative experience I did have with it. You can have a negative experience with any type of drug out there however, including alcohol, prescription meds and others.

@KatawaGrey I can agree with your point about people claiming weed is the perfect drug with no potentional negative effects and the ridiculus claims some people make, like weed cures cancer or other conditions. However, I still believe it is a much safer substance than alcohol and most other drugs. Most people I have known that used it never had any bad effects happen to them from using it (outside of the laws against it). Unfortunately, some people take their use of weed to the extreme where they are high almost 24/7 and I have seen some negative effects on these types of people from doing this. Like I said, anything in excess can be bad or if used in a responsible way.

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@Jabe73: As I said, I am not a fan of the stuff but I do understand that it is not as bad as alcohol or even cigarettes but it is not perfect. I think I would have less of a problem with pot and the people who smoke it in excess if more people admitted that it is not a perfect substance.

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With any drug, the effects are different with different people. I think it has a lot to do with your mentality, personality, and your surroundings. The only bad experience I ever had while smoking, and I’ve smoked quite a bit in my lifetime, is what @downtide mentioned with low blood sugar. Twice I “passed out” but could still hear everything and I could speak, but I could see nothing and I couldn’t move. But someone gave me a banana and I was just fine and felt 100% normal again. But other than that, I do my best thinking when I’m high. I don’t do it all the time… it’s actually been almost a month. Ever seen the movie “Totally Baked”? Watch it. Even if you decide not to smoke, it is very imformative about many drugs, not just pot.

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