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What the H is going on with my network?

Asked by mrrich724 (8537points) August 24th, 2010

Something funky has been going on for about 4 days now. When I get home, I try and log onto the internet and I can’t. I look at my Airport Extreme router . . . looks good. I look at my Motorola DSL modem, everything looks fine but the “Internet Activity” light isn’t blinking, but there are no red lights. I reset both, and it doesn’t work. I literally have to reset them like 4 or 5 or 6 times before my computer can connect to the internet. I know it’s something with the modem or router b/c it also happens when my iPhone and my wife’s computer try and log onto the wireless network.

I’m thinking it’s the modem though, b/c my computer can still backup and access the external drive connected to the router. . . any thoughts?! Why do I have to unplug the modem so many times before it starts blinking the internet activity light, and actually giving me internet?

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Does the modem allow you to connect to it directly with an Ethernet cable? If it does connect one of your devices to it this way and connect to the net. If it works ok, the issue is with the router, if not, pick up a new modem.

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Sounds like you might need a new modem.

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Dang guys, it’s not even a year old. I’ll just wait until I switch from AT&T DSL (which sucks) to cable.

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I’m hanging on to verizon, which sorta sucks, waiting for fios—which never seems to come here DC —only place worse are little country towns so far off the grid verizon offers nothing at all. They give free routers that suck. Is yours a westell?

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LOL, no, it’s a Motorola. But you know what, little hick towns get better service than I do due to there lack of population hogging it all up, and close proximity to the source of the data.

I live in South Florida, Ft. Lauderdale area, I get this crap. My brother-in-law lives in a town of 40k people total, and nothing around for miles (nearest mall is a 45 minute highway drive) we tested his network and mine, his DL and UL speeds were at least twice as fast.

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maybe try using a crossover wire to connect the router to the modem, i know that it doesn’t “really make a difference” but i’ve had many experiences where it has worked, so if you have one (they look like ethernet cat-5 cables but are usually yellow and say crossover on them) then why not give it a try. Otherwise i’d say your router is defective, or maybe even the modem.

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As it turned out, the modem I am using has a built in DHCP server and my network was double NAT’d and I had really strict settings.

So I changed the settings on my modem to “assign public IP.”

For some reason this was messing up its ability to provide connection. Once I restored it to “assign private IP,” it didn’t have any issues connecting!

Any thoughts?

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Try using static ip’s ?

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